Great Song! | Reviewer: kenia | 6/14/07

I love this song!!!! because it reminds me my friend's hurts and the problems of our life. Actually this song is a real mirror image of my life... Avril writes great songs!!!!

Nobodys home | Reviewer: Mini | 6/10/07

OMG this reminds me of when i used 2 get worried I love the song

wozah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

There's no doubt bout it this song rules yeh!

.... | Reviewer: karlijn | 6/1/07

This song is brilliant!
It is so true and very beautiful!!

I love it!
Go for it Avril!!!
You're the best!


Amazing | Reviewer: Kelsi | 6/2/07

This song is beautiful. Avril sings this so well. This song is just amazing and so emotional. It relates to real life. It's helped me alot through my hard times when I felt like I had no place. I just love this song.

capg92 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

this is a good song, i love it !! =D it make me thing a lot of things about my life =).

tyleee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

i love this song even tho it is very sad and depressing i still love it! it is my favorite song by her.

lost cousin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

this song really relates to my cousin she used to be a christain girl and rely on God now she ahs pushed away her family and wont talk to us and she relies on drugs to fill her void.

The Song | Reviewer: Brandi | 5/20/07

This song reminds all of my friends about me, they say I have to many problems to handle and that I don't know where I belong or what i'm here for. It makes me cry everytime I hear this song, cause I know I'll end up broken inside.

The same Life | Reviewer: Jasmine | 5/16/07

This song is just like my life! No family to help her friends telling her things..trying to find where she belongs..

Nobody's Home in My heart | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/16/07

this song has some real meaning in my life. My best friend moved away this past year and this was our song. everytime i hear i cry because i can still remember us sitting together singing our hearts out to this song.

Avril Lavigne's biggest fan!!!! | Reviewer: Daniela | 5/14/07

This song is just B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!!!!!!!!I love it as much as the other songs of Avril Lavigne!!!!I am the biggest fan of her,I really am...!I am extremely happy as she is going to give a concert in Athens at July 17th and I'm going there of course!!!I hope that her concert won't be cancelled because I will kill myself!!!!!!I'm serious...!!!!

mhm | Reviewer: mmm | 5/11/07

wow. this song is amazing.
even though its kinda of old.
i still feel this way somtimes and when i hear this song it just makes sense to me

great | Reviewer: michel | 5/9/07

im suiss, pleas be patient whit my gramathic.

this song is in more than one way one of the best. the voice of avril let this song goes right in to the heart. the melodie takes you to another place. the meaning i didnt fully understood but somehow i miss my exwife, the closeness to another person.
the live version is mutch better as the studio version.

i hope avril will going to make a live version of the song "how does it feal", also a great song.

WOO! | Reviewer: Alex | 5/5/07

Avril lavigne really rocks its so many emotions and it feels like you can understand the song itself.