That's Deep Man.., | Reviewer: Ckalli | 5/15/06

No matter how much everyone hates/loves Avril Lavinge, everyone connects with this song. It's all about trying to deal with yourself, when the world doesn't want to deal with you, and has a whole different mood from her other songs. After the song plays, you'll most probably want to listen to it again, or listen to silence. Even though lines like "She can't find her place" at first glance look generic, it's a truly genuine and deep song...

nobody's home | Reviewer: musicninjachick | 2/20/06

this is one of my favorite avril songs. the lyrics are chilling and her voice is haunting (in a good way). i really love this song and whenever i'm on my computer i always play it via media player.

I headr and loved it | Reviewer: malgirl | 2/17/06

I just heard it, and i loved it right away... now looking for lyrics... really u gotta hear it to really undastand...

Nobodys Home-Review and my own thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/06

This song is truly great and has so much meaning. It reminds me of how i was once lost inside and the emotions that ran thru my body those cold nights that my mum left the window open when i was a child. But like many of avrils songs there is deeper meaning than when people first look at it. Many of my friends agree with me that the words are truly great and that axident a story can be born.

Sometimes when im crying in my room these words somehow make me feel better and worse and a mixture of goosebumps and tension riseds all over me and not much songs do that to me.

Even on this Valentines day the words just feel; me up and soemtimes my eyes fill up just reminding me of the last time i Heard it.

But I know when avril releases her next album- which im sure she will cause she is so talented and amazing- Ill find another song just like this. I love everything about her... Thank u for reading...


she wants to go home... | Reviewer: ramona | 1/20/06

wat can i say about this phenomenal song? that it is sooooo good and its one of the best. it realli should be put permanently on the top 40....eternally! i wish! the most brilliant thing bout this song, is that it can be about so many numerous and different issues in this world u know. like it could be bout parents divorcing and the child feeling unwanted or a girl at skool or who u know who feels this way about herself. it is wonderful that avvie wrote a song which allows everyone to have the freedom to interpret it in their own special way!! and even though avvie sounds like she's losing her voice wen she sings live, i realli hope she doesn't coz i want her to sing forever and ever and ever. may the force be with her...

I love this song | Reviewer: Aneira | 6/24/05

This song is so amazing. At this moment I have an anorexic best friend and it's made me think so much, it's a real comfort... the acoustic version is so touching and heart warming i love it

The Guy From Denmark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/05

I just love "Nody's home"! But I can't find any site where you can hear it! But I still love the song, and can't get enough!

Jeg elsker bare "Noby's home"! Men jeg kan ikke finde nogle sider, hvor man kan høre den! Men jeg elsker den stadig og kan ikke få nok af den!

Respectable Song | Reviewer: Kim | 6/7/05

I love this song SO much! She brings in so much emotion to make you feel empathy for the who the song is about. She also has great rhythm in the song which ties it all together. When you listen to Avril, you just get this great respect for her and her music.

Long way | Reviewer: Tori | 6/3/05

Avril Lavigne has come a long way since her 'sk8r boi.' Or however it's spelled this song got me back into listening to her again!

Rock on Avril!

Avril RULES | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/3/05

She is sooooo cool. I love her music. I like how she is sorta dark...

avril lavigne rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jennie | 1/31/05

avril is so cool!!!!! how could anyone not like her. she can sing and hre song "nobody's home" is the best song eva!!! i can totally relate to that song. not that i'm homeless, but let's face it, neither is avril. anyone would take her in. she's so cool and being a punk myself, ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

anyway, i can relate cuz think about your parents, you like them all the time?!? i am the #1 avril lavigne fan. i have both of her cds and 5 posters and she rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avril isn't so bad | Reviewer: sarah | 1/26/05

i never was a avril fan i always thought she was a poser with the hole "punk rock" look. im really into rock and i thought she was a foonie. this is the first song that she wrote that i actually like in her video she isn't on a skate board or anything maybe shes starting to be herself and not just an image. this song brings alot of emtion to me i can relate to it a lot it actually has depth to it and i can finally respect her musical talent.

avril is the best! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/05

I can relate to this song because sometimes i feel exactly like that. i thank avril for writing songs about the real world and what happens out here. she rox!

December 11th | Reviewer: Fallen from Grace | 12/11/04

I can relate to this song so much, since i dont know if i belong to this world or not. There's so many things i cant do that i want to do, and this song is a mirror image of my life. I love Avril Lavigne, she's a true star.

5 December, 2004 | Reviewer: Holly | 12/5/04

This song is one of the few songs that I can fully relate to. Other songs I can relate to part of them or most of them but this one explains exactly how I feel a lot of the time and it's sad but it's nice to know somebody understands.

Maybe she wrote this song about herself and it's just like she's saying it from somebody else's point of view or she's singing it about somebody that she knows and cared about. Like she cared about the girl but she knew she couldn't help, and now she's looking back on it thinking maybe she could have done something, even though she knows she couldn't have, it's nice to hope right?