Nobody's Home-Reflection of My Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

I heard this song for the first time about five months ago. I've grown up with a lot of family mom being extremely emotionally detatched and my dad being abusive...I finally gave up and left. I went to my friends house for a month and when I got back home I knew my parents didn't want me. I'm still here..but the tension is still there...I don't feel wanted or loved..and like the songs says she's losing her mind...well thats me...this song is all about me...I know she didn't write it for me but when I heard it I knew it was the story of me....then my friend and I watched the video...and we before we saw the video had been talking about leaving when we both turn sixteen...and this video was like the sign we both needed...I'm so glad Avril puts out songs that almost anyone can relate to in one way or another. It was amazing and I love Avril...even when other people shun her...I will always love her music.

veryy good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

this interprets the truee meaningg people these days aree facingg. goood job avrl. keeep it up.. and youu might becomee a legendd.

the song iz gud | Reviewer: teresa | 5/4/07

i like thgis song very much...itz a very sweet song a masterpiece by avril....i think da song iz connected on wat iz happenin this days in da world nd its too gud...avril rox baby...

The Song That Made Me Cry | Reviewer: Luceh | 4/28/07

I love this song. Me & My best friend, whos younger than me, listened to this song. And decided its about us. The words relate so much to whats going on in both our lives. I cry everytime i listen to this, as does my best friend Annie. <3

What This Song Means To Me | Reviewer: Alyssa | 4/27/07

I think about this song every time my parents and I get into a fight-yeah it sucks

touching souls | Reviewer: ania | 4/24/07

This song is awesome! The first time i heard this song i was shocked because it seemed to be describing me in a sort of funny way. There are probably more people out there that feel the same.

about the song nobody's home performed by avril lavigne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

i jus luv dis song! this song means so much. its like when girls or any body feels unwanted and needs sumbody to talk to but dont. see home in this song is like referring to a friend or sumbody to talk to you. keep that in mind.

Avril | Reviewer: ????????? | 4/19/07

omg i totally love this song! i love how it relates to the real world and not sex and drugs! finally a song i can relate 2! avril u rock like totally!

i love you avvr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

i really love this song so much cus it means so much to me and Avril Lavigne is unique that's all i can say
love ya Avril Lavigne

Great Song! | Reviewer: LuLu | 4/20/07

This son really makes you think. It makes you think about all the different situations and difficulties anyone could go through in their life. It almost brought me to tears when I first heard it, and it definitely did the second time. The first time you hear it doesn't mean as much as the second, when you really start thinking about it. This song moved me SO much. I am currently at a 'lost' stage in life, and both my heart and myself are all over the place.

This truly is a great song, and it truly makes you think more than any song I've ever heard.

easy heart | Reviewer: eb | 4/5/07

this song just allows you to just take it as you like. its a song that even tho avril wrot it. its something you can almost claim as you own. its powerful. and overwhelming.

love this song xX. | Reviewer: Rachael | 3/30/07

This song is fantastic. it gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it and i shiver. its so emotional tears come to my eyes and i just cant stop it i try to swollow it but it doesnt work ive never been in that position abaout being "unwanted" but i can just imagine what it feels like being alone and broken inside. avril you rock. ( if only she could read tis paragraph id be so happy )Rachael 13.XxXxXxXxX.

the best song ever! =) | Reviewer: yahiri | 3/18/07

this song is the best song! Avril sing it very well, i love her...this song makes me feel identify it, because it's a real story a very nice one =)...avril is my IDOL , i love her =)....

AVRIL = LOVE | Reviewer: Katie | 3/7/07

alright. avril is my idol, my inspiration.

i cannot begin to explain how talented and wonderful she is. i love her and her music.

i cried when i heard this song for the first time and same thing when i saw the video. at her concert avril said it was about her friend who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, and i think the song is def. the best song in the world

IM GOING TO LISTEN TO IT NOW! bye peoples<33

It's so touching. | Reviewer: Anonimous | 2/23/07

This song is really touching. I am actually lost inside and I'm "unwanted" in this cruel world. When I hear it, I cry and all of the my feelings are "all over the place".