nobodys home | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

this song means so much to me
i watched my friend turn into someone she never wanted to be, but to fit into the crowds she did it
shed go out every night getting drunk and sleeping with god knows how many guys.
i watched her change, the only one that was there for her when it all crashe down
i felt that everytime id say soemething to her
advise her
shed just forget all about it and just go do the same thing.

her family are split, shes lives with her dad, whos a drunk himself and has to fend for herself
i remember one day she told me when we were 13, my dream dream is to become successful, move into a big pretty house get mairred have kids and become an actor.
that all crumbled when she got thrown around by most people
and started doing things just to fit in with the crowed, she has no one, no one but me.

avril thanks for this sonngg! | Reviewer: sdhgfj | 4/10/08

this song reminds me of how i felt about my friend
i saw her become bulimic and cut herself
and i tried to help but it was so scary
so i always think of that at the "i couldnt help her,i just watched her make the same mistakes again"
and i think of it at "too many too many problems"

Zareen_Avril fan scince birth! <3 | Reviewer: Zareen | 4/7/08

I luv u avrill! u are my idoil if i could look lke you sing lke you and be lke you i would! aome of my friends even call me punk princess! and iv been tro alot of your concerts and i dress lke you do n some songs! mini skirt skull top! i luv skulz oh and p.s i even dressed like you when i first saw you! u know bagggy pants messy hair! and i have all of your!

numan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/08

i think, this song explains one point of two main human situation. one point is human's depressif point and the other, pozitive point. these situations are balanced in our brain or in our feelings or whatever. so, this song puts finger on the first one. there are these feelings for everybody. all of us could think like that at least one time in our lives, we realised that or not
i love this song very much, i love avril's songs very much

... | Reviewer: Dashimowa | 2/20/08

Avrils songs are beautiful but only from the beggining of her career. Her new album is AWFUL!!. .. Her songs from the first almbums where so deep and more like punk rock songs but now? God.. That's embarassing..

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/08

Sometimes I feel like this is about me, but I also think its about my sister as well. At least thats what I think that is. My sister has to many problems in her life and I don't think she really knows where she belongs. I also have few problems with life, but not as much as my sister or anyone else.

Great Song!! | Reviewer: Avril Fan1991 | 1/19/08

Great song,
because i love this song and it's soooo sad!!!
I listen this song everyday!!
Avril is the best!


-I go to a concert of her, 20/06/'08
Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall-

Go Avril | Reviewer: Auchere | 1/7/08

Avril ythe queen!This song rocks! Avril's est song so far. I cry when I hear this song, because Avril does'nt talk about nonsesns . Avril talks about inporint stuf! GO AVRIL #1!
Igive it ***** out of *****

it's so true | Reviewer: Elisa | 12/23/07

i think this song is so true and makes me cry 'cause i have many probems:deppresion,anxiety because of my mom and my dad who beat me.they don't like me and they want to change me but i just can't do's so sad..i hate them..alexandra i wanna talk to id is:elyy_03_91.kiss:*:*

I love thi song! | Reviewer: Raducanu Andrada | 11/4/07

What I sead before:"I love this song!",but I tink there are some problems on this nursery,but it dossent matter.You aren't the only you love Avril.

luv it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

i love this song. i'm obsessed!

but i think this really gets the message out there, if you know what i mean. like, there's a literal and a figurative meaning. you might not have an actual home OR you might think no one's there for you, or that no one cares.

luv it!

Wow | Reviewer: Sierra | 9/13/07

This song amazes me. I'll put it no repeat and listen to it over and over for hours. Sometimes I feel like it might describe me. One of her best songs, I think.

avril is the best | Reviewer: jhennhhyyy... | 9/12/07

it's really a great song... i love watching it's video and listening it.... it's so great....
i love all your songs avril.....

Sad | Reviewer: Leeann | 9/9/07

Its so sad that people actually go through this everyday! i mean sometimes we feel badbecause we have a small house but think of the other people who dont have a house..... now how do you feel about your house again?

this song is deeply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/07

i like this song
is so deeply
but one of my favorite is sk8er boi
go sum 41
mrs whibley
she┬┤s favulous