happy ending | Reviewer: rinbie06 | 1/7/14

i was hurt when i know that my beloved bf..is having a commitment to the other girl..i thoughT he was the 1 for me but i was wrong!!THEN MY WISH IS HAVING A SUCCESSFUL AND STRONG RELATIONSHIP IS NOW END..

Just thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/13

Most ppl refer to this song as a rebound song to get over their relationship with a guy that was bad and stuff but most times, I just don't see the point. Why cry over something that is gone? I'd rather have no emotions than suffer this pain filled way of living. My classmates always pretend to like me and even my closest friend didnt do anything about it despite knowing it a long time ago. All I wanted was just friendship but since that was too much to ask, I just sort of became titanium steel on the inside towards my emotions about them. I can't even count the number of times I actually cried myself to sleep because the whole world seems to be blaming me for everything despite me not even knowing anything. Why can't we stop discriminating against our own friends and family as well as enemies like the whites stopped discriminating the blacks huh? I don't get it. I just don't fit in anywhere except the time where my existence ceases to exist and the time before I even came close to existing in pain and sadness and misery now...

for ever one whos love avril | Reviewer: avril smith | 6/9/13

we love avril for ever she are our super star

and the people who dont love her we dont care cuz you dont enjoy her voice her move her SMILE !



that's make me laugh | Reviewer: bad guy | 2/28/12

Hhhhhhhhhhhh what kined of girls are you this song is really talk about the reality of the whol mens so plz don't be stupid & déspret girls and enjoy life not have a true love keep ur heart working not daying with some dreams it never be happen

hapy ending?? | Reviewer: bellablooddrunk | 10/11/11

My best friend, or at least i tought he was, after 8 years of amazing friendship,told me he was in love with me. We decided to have a relationship, we only dated for two months. He kept telling me how much he loved me and that i was the meaning of his existence,that he wanted to marry me, that all he wanted to do was making me happy and make me forget about all the pain other guys had caused me .we made so many plans to the future and i was happy as i never tought i could be. two weeks ago he called me and broke up with me. His excuse was that he was afraid, that he wished he could be stronger and give himself completely,but that he was not ready to be the man i deserve, that i was not what he expected,and that the last times he saw me he was just pretending he felt alright being with me. But the i found out he also had met another girl... i'm devastated, eventough i know he's a jerk, i still love him and his betrayal hurts like hell.i don't understand why he did this to me. Anyway, this song is helping getting trough it and i hope you all girls out there find it really helpful too.

Anonymous Girl | Reviewer: AG_enneaehl | 10/9/11

I thought he is the one but i was wrong..! too much for those things ..! I know that girl is more beautiful than me ..! but all i want is for the both of us to have A HAPPY ENDING ..! i cant take it anymore it's like killing me ..! i cant be more than her but i know that i should be who i am right now..! I <3 YOU []

ugh.. | Reviewer: alyssa | 8/23/11

this sobg means alot too meh . actually , this song is pretty much my lifee ... "it was nice too know that you were there , thanks for acting like you cared , & making meh feel like I was the only one ... nice too know we had it all , thanks for watching as I fall , & letting meh know we were doneeeeee...." god damn it ..

insensitive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/11

we've known each other for almost two years..i gave everything for him but received nothing but pain..he careless about me,,when i needed him the most i can't find him!..he always do that!,,but still im so good to him that later i was really fed up and i want him out of life..now that our communication i s over i must move on!..i hope that he will not regret on the decisions he made, i don't want him to come near me and ask for forgiveness cos i won't give him that..he caused me so much pain that i just can't forgive him!

He is heartless | Reviewer: Diksha | 5/21/11

We were in a relationship for about a year .. he showed so much love to me ... but when it came to marraige ..he left me and going to marry someone else..
I am still waiting for me... hope he will come back...i still message him daily ... trying hard to get him back into my life ... i cant live without him ...Love You till my last breath..Please understand ..you are the only one whom i loved the most

GUDDU | Reviewer: muvaid | 4/25/11

i really really really miss you. This song reminds me of you, and right now I don't think

missing you will bring you back like it always did. I don't think things are the same; my

luck is gone, I think.. I'm scared we won't talk anymore. I'm scared you're somewhere I

can't meet. I still listen to those songs you dedicated to me, wondering just what you're

doing at the moment.. :x i really, miss you. there's a complete hole inside of me, made

just for you. This song heals me a little bit..

luvv | Reviewer: lxlight | 2/17/11

i love this song becouse all the letters are like so touchy..and its really helping me to get through a relationship..i cant believe how people change so fast..its like some nightmare really..u are searching in them to see a sign of who they claimed to be but nothin comes out..i still wish he would text me and say this was some stupid joke or at least somethin like he's sorry or he deas care but nothingggggg!!!its like he's suddenly made of stonee..and i still love him..and now i just remembered what freddie mercury says about love "too much love will kill you just as sure as none at all" thats so true..

Another Great Song | Reviewer: April Boyer | 10/30/10

Well, this is another hit-of many for Avril Lavigne, and is an awesome song. The meaning of it is pretty self explanitory-it's about a breakup. God, I remember a couple years ago it was all over the radio. It is definitely something you can get stuck in your head.

idk | Reviewer: Cassie | 10/11/10

this is the song i dedicate to a guy at school, he and i were really close and he got a new gf and didnt talk to me or anything, he said to me"its not a huge loss

he totally shattered my heart, i still cry and it was two days ago

hes such a jurk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/10

I went out with this boy about 5 times now i lost my head my life got ruined i had to fix it all i was alone i had nothing to do i was crying at night i was tired of him i wanted to kill him poke him to death make him go to hell then i realised he was a jurk then the teacher at school made him sit beside me we have been speaking so much we couldnt stop we both got in trouble he follows me and eats beside me I THINK HES IN LOVE WITH ME AGAIN!!!!

my only one..07/15/09 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/10

huh......i really love this song.... you know why???it reminds me of my pass...one day i met a guy whose name was .nhadz.. he was my first bf...our relationship been too far.....for 8months....huhhhhh so sad to say... ...........but the craziest here was im still inlove with him........but he found the best girl for him......