.. | Reviewer: dontmatter | 7/1/10

Well,it started about like 3 yeas ago,i met a guy online and by the next year i felt like a was in love with him, and he told me things that made me tought that he felt the same, and one day he told me that he was in love with me and i said the same, and i told him i was the happiest girl for saying that.. some moths later he asked me to be his girlfriend...even when we were far away,and i accepted because i loved him

He was so cute with me,but sometimes he tried me just like another friend.. and talk to me about other girls,he stopped to send me messages everyday...i was so sad for that!

So,i decided that the best thing for me was ignore him,i mean.. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME ANYMORE,THEN I DON'T CARE ABOUT HIM,when i started to ignore him he tried to talk to me again but i don't wanted to start over again just to feeling sad because of him!

It's been more than 1 year,and for some reason..this song reminds me of him, the two of us loved Avril,she was the reason why we met

He Was Everything That I Wanted | Reviewer: Mary | 5/30/10

I luv this song, but it really reminds me of this guy at school. One minute he told me he loved me, but in the next I saw him talking with this girl. He told her he loved her. My heart was broken into pieces...

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

AVRIL ROCKS so does her songs!

I love this song friggin' much.. and i prolly am going through it..
Its sad how one minute how someone can mean so much to you and the next they leave you without any closure.. How one minute they are your world and when they walk out, you feel like your world has drifted apart... love is strange.. but we cant do without it either!!

i love this song.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

this song is soo beautiful...
i feel like this song was writen about me...
i hope he will understand what i still feel for him,the most painful thing in the world,and that is more painful then loosing a leg or an arm..is a broken heart..it hurts soo much TT.TT

lovely song | Reviewer: kate | 2/26/10

i love this song. it's letter is so deep, and i guess that many girls and boys can relation the song with their personal problems. I'm from argentina, so , i'm sorry if i'm gonna write something wrong. LOVE THIS SONG.

:'( | Reviewer: nevermind | 2/12/10

well, i just wanna Dedicate this song for the girl that she leave me without reason..without goodbye..we had in love , and am thinking in her every night
.. and she change her mobile number and dosen't be online in net , i wanna ask her why!!!!!
but i can't find her, buttttt really she was everything everything that i wanted.....

Hello | Reviewer: Stella | 11/23/09

Hi... I am from greece and i am sorry if i am gonna write something wrong... I hope you understand... I am not insensitive but i dont actually believe in love because when a girl says 'i am in love with him'she ends up with many tears and a Lot of wipes... Love doesnt really exist we made it because we wanted something To protect us from lonelines... We want To believe that somewhere out there is a person who loves us and some day we gonna meet him... Thanks for reading...

I Dont Know Why.. | Reviewer: Zoe | 9/14/09

I Love This SOng Sooo Much,, But It Makes Me Feel Soo Down Becuase I Love This Person And I Went To Tell Themm, And The Same Day They Tell Me They Are Going Out WIth Somone Else.. Its Been Like Over 2 Months And I Still Love Them Sooo Much :( Why Cant I Get Over Them?

Whatever | Reviewer: Chloe | 8/5/09

Well, there was this ex bf of mine who was such a jerk. He told me he loves me and acted like he really cares for me. The next thing I know He told me to stay out of his life and he ends up with another girl 2 days after we broke up.

"It's nice to know that you were there,
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done"

It did hurt me a lot. I was having a hard time moving bcoz I love him so much. But now I'm SO over him. Why should I feel sad about it when he's the one who's losing out aye? Lately he has been txting to ask for help bcoz he's in a mess and he doesn't know what to do. I ignore his text. Why should I show my concern and cares when he played my feelings out?

We're done.

JORDAN!!!...hey listen! | Reviewer: Mashal | 7/28/09

sweety if sumone is like this 2 u!
it means he/she doesnt care about u!
and y will u cry 4r a person who broke ur heart!
forget him burn all the gift 4rm him!
and start a new life!
this guy betrayed u! 4rget it dont cry and be happy!

he was everything . . what happened??? | Reviewer: jordan | 6/2/09

I met this guy online & he was EVERYTHING that i've ever wanted. He told me he loved me 5 times or more every phone call we had. He wanted to marry me & I felt the same way about him too. But eventually he started not saying that he loved me as often. Limited it to once every phone call. Eventually he didn't call me that often either. Then it was him saying "i don't know what the meaning of love is anymore. i don't love you. I like you". With that, i felt so abandoned . . . . I do know what the meaning of love is and i felt every bit of it for him and then he just keeps going a little further with breaking my heart???? And now I haven't even heard from him in like a week. I mean, sure that's like nothing but he told me a week ago that we would talk about this situation that we're going through. But now, he just left me hanging. "lets talk it over, it's not like we're dead." idk what happened. and i cry every night from it.

memories of happy ending... | Reviewer: adi evelyn | 6/2/09

diz iz my song while im with my ex couple named izzuddin....he loves diz song so much as she also love avril lavigne....he have a dream to see avril one day...but now everything was over...bcoz of one incident that i really regret to be...i lost my beloved person...when i heard diz song...it was really remind me to him...till now...i do love him so much....!

i love this song so much | Reviewer: Linh | 5/9/09

it's my favorite song and i know many fiends love it too. the rhythm is so cool and the lyric is that too.somebody said this song is so horrible but i don't think that.it's about the happy ending in the life of somebody.
i'm vietnamese.i know a little of english.i hope you can help.thanks

HE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME.......... | Reviewer: heartbroken??? | 5/1/09

well, 9 months back i met this guy while chatting on the net. v both fell in lov with each othr. He was sooo perfect. He was like my dream lover. We went steady for like 8 months and we were really serious. He wanted to get married to me when i'd be old enough. He was always very decent. Never took "advantage" of me in any way if u know what i mean... He used to call me and it was quite expensive for him but even then v would talk atleast for 1 hour every week. But then suddenly, he stopped talking with me, stopped sending me any offline messages. This has been going on since a month. Ya he did call me once, 3 weeks back and we talked for like 5 mins. Thats it! and he dint even say "I LOV U"!!! usually we say it whenever we talk... So even i disnt tell him. But he didnt even ask me y i didnt tell him "I LOV U"... he doesnt care... He says that he's havin his exams. So that's y i kept quite all this while so that he wont feel bugged.. but then, his exam got over 2 days back i think, he still hasnt come online!!! he hasnt snd me a single message!! I LOVE HIM A LOT... ppl.. plz tell me.. does he actually love me? He's everything to me... And when i hear this song.. it reminds me so much of my situation...

This song really duplicate with my mind | Reviewer: Jennifer | 4/25/09

This song really reminds about a guy. I am emo girl and he is also emo guy. So I fell in love with him and he loves me. But he always lie me that he loves me and his damn friend told me that I am a kind of cheap girl. But I feel safe in his arm. But that love was only pretending. I only realized that when my friend told me that he has so many girlfriends. He is cute but he give me a hard wounds in my heart. And Avril sang that songs like the feeling in my heart. I like this part in that song,
It is nice to know that you are there thanks for acting like you care making me feel I was the only one it is nice to know we had it all and thanks for watching as i fall leting me know that we were done.
And he was my everything at that time but it is all over now. Even I love him I won't love him anymore. I hate this guy forever. In addition. Avril was well done in that song and her sounds make me feel alot better.