Totally awesome | Reviewer: Emma | 6/15/07

This is the EXACT way I feel sometimes. o_o Avril makes songs that alot of people can relate to, and I like that about her. =P She has a very special talent~ She truly is the best damn thing. :3 Keep rockin' avril.


my fave! | Reviewer: amanda-- hoc| | 6/14/07

omg this is the best song from her and i also love nobodys home and dont tell me but mostly this one!!! like wow! she is the best! GO AVRIL!!

it is a very very nice song | Reviewer: manu | 6/10/07

i think it is a nice song because it is sou internsiv and it is beautiful

rocks like real life | Reviewer: SOS?? | 6/8/07

everything happens Bcoz of something avril wrote this song coz she probably had some sort of experience now song writers need inspiration to do something for example avril wrote this 4 somone she knows or maybe its her she needs space to perform, anyways avril writes somethings 4 a reason... things like this happen 4 a reason and thats why she knows people would understand her strategi avril is a very good person to follow of course ther is a few bad stuff. BUT THE MAIN REASON I DO THIS IS DOWN THERE

"so much for my happy ending" those are the main words avril wrote this Bcos- meeting somone that U THINK "IS YOUR HAPPY ENDING" might one day hurt your fellings after all the person has done for you same with you something just breaks it up
= a few examples of this is
inconvinience of spacing
breakup of friends
parents or
nothing is happening
lavigne did this song to inspire others and make them feel loved

Sk8ter Girl!!! | Reviewer: Katie | 6/7/07

This is a great song for me cuz my crush is messing with my head, making me believe lies that he tells me!! ThaNXS SOOOOOOOO MUCH AVRIL!!! U ROCK!!! KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!<3<3

tragical | Reviewer: tanya | 6/3/07

i loooooooove this song!!!
except this song reminds of me...
this happened to me!!!2!!!
this song is also wayyyyyyyy better than complicated

It's ok | Reviewer: dave | 6/1/07

This is your basic alternitive. Not really punk, just a pop song.

Hey! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

I'm from Spain but I can understand some of the things that the song says. It's very very sad and the tune is so depressed. I love Avril Lavigne and she's a very good singer, but this song... oh my god! So sad!It's perfect for when you slip up with your boy/girlfriend ^^

amazing | Reviewer: Alexandra | 5/31/07

ive been told i look like avril lavigne alot. well i must be really lucky then cuz she is really pretty. but this song is so amazing its so true between me and this guy that i like. =). its just so amazing!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

dis is amazin i can relate 2 dis song coz its basiccaly wot im goin thru now n its helpin me get thru it its 1 of de bst songs even tho i dnt like rock lol

awesome | Reviewer: crazi_girl | 5/24/07

I love this song; it's one of her best. I can really realate to the lyrics. Great song.

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Avril Lavigne Fan | 5/21/07

This song really touched my heart with it's lyrics. The interpretation of the song was really good. I learned a lot of things from that song, My Happy Ending. Congratulations Avril!

happy ending is a awwsom friend | Reviewer: dakoda | 5/17/07

hi avril i love the song happyending and boyfriend heyyheyy i don,t like ur girlfrend its awwsom

camilaaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/07

ooo lovee iittt!!
i really love thiss songgg
it's releated to me and my exbotfriend
it's just the sameee ooo lovee itt

Brill! | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/18/07

this is so Avril's best song
the lyrics are so true to so many peoples life's