wow | Reviewer: lina | 10/7/04

really great i like it al lot, is a really nice song

Boom! Fireworks they should sing it at the 4th Of july LUV IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/04

Therse no words to describe this song its the best of the best LUV IT!

I'm in the minority then. | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/24/04

I like the melody, & the vocal arrangement on the chorus (although if you hear the acoustic version, it sounds like she's struggling, maybe because she doesn't have all that back-up there.). But the lyrics... these have the be the worst lyrics I've ever seen, ever.

Lauren Christy co-wrote "Complicated," hence the spunky minor key. I haven't looked it up, but I'll bet Ms. Christy had nothing to do with the writing of this song. This kind of writing is so bad it almost feels like an insult to the public.

Let's talk this over, it's not like we're dead: Oh good, we're not dead? Really?

Was it something I did, was it something you said? Cool, she can rhyme. But why would she need to know if it was something the other person said?

Don't leave me hanging in a city so dead: Just couldn't find anything to rhyme with "dead" here, so she just re-used the word.

...something about an unbreakable thread: An attempt to sound profound. However, just because you don't understand what you just said doesn't make it profound. And besides, this verse has already been ruined by the 1st 3 lines.

I'll stop now. Thanks. =)

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Laura Jacobson | 8/21/04

i luv avril! she is gr8!!! i dont know many artists that can perform as good as her! my happy ending has gotta b 1 of her best songs as well as complicated, i'm with you, and sk8er boi!!! keep it goin girl!!!

luv it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/04

i gotta say i got alot more respect for avril nowadays, shes grown up heaps and this i gotta say is her best song so far. i luv it, its one of those things we can all relate to.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/16/04

Avril rocks and "My happy ending" is definitely the best song eva!!! I admire her a lot and i can't get that song out of my head!! You go, girl!

Wicked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/04

I think this is one of avrils best songs she's ever wrote it's a big difference from complicated i doesn't seem so girlsih....

sucks | Reviewer: katie | 8/11/04

i really HATE avril, but this song is her most tolerable. hmm a new avril lavigne song, i wonder what it's about??? ooooooooh, how did i guess, an ex boyfriend, WHAT A SURPRISE!!!

Brilliant New Album! | Reviewer: TJ | 8/7/04

I bought her new album with this track and I have to say I'm very impressed! :) 10/10

Avril Rocks My Socks! =D | Reviewer: Lexy | 8/8/04

I LOVE Avril, and this is my all time favorite song from her. It's a bit of what I'm going through. =/ I sing it all the time, and always sing along when its played on the Radio. Gah, I LOVE this song! I'm deffinately getting her new CD. I can play it over, and over, and over, and over. =D I also like the Music Video too.

Love ya Avril! <3

wow | Reviewer: Surprised | 8/9/04

I'm not much of an Avril fan (especially not this new album), but I like this song. It is, however, the most depressing thing I've heard in a while, and I don't know why. My friends and I were listening to it last night and we all almost started crying. The tune isn't particularly happy, and the lyrics are just realy sad... it's a good song for such an emotional summer.

i love u avril | Reviewer: andrea | 8/5/04

this is one of avrils best songs yet i think..ima bigg fan and i love all of her work but this song i can really relate to. the song is really special to =) i love u avril!!!

7/10 | Reviewer: Kent Paul | 8/3/04

This song is pretty good but the melody difference of the chorus and the verse does not blend very well.

Two thumbs up | Reviewer: Lilly | 7/31/04

Wow when I first heard this song I almost didnt thnk it was Avril. When the hit "Sk8er boi" came out I thought Avril was just going to be another pop star whos songs get played so much that they get annoying. But Shes matured since her first single in a good way, and I think that she has the most amazing voice. Her lyrics are so real, she sings about the stuff that a lot of teens are thinking and going through. This song is truly the best song Ive heard for ages. Even my heavy metal obsessed boyfriend listens to it. I

so cool | Reviewer: mazza | 7/24/04

i love dis =song , i wish they played it more on da radio!!