Mel~Edgar | Reviewer: ~Mel~ | 4/14/07

this song reminds me, of me n my ex, even though we still like each other, were not going out but we always end up hurtin each other in the end, but this song is jus beautiful i luv it

about the song | Reviewer: Ruth | 4/5/07

I really love the lyrics of the song since the first time I heard the song I could not believe it was just so good and could not get the song out of head. I recomend everyone that loves heavy puck music because the song is really good and so its the hole album!

=) | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/2/07

I love this song!
But I like 'Nobody's Fool' more =P

avril owns, | Reviewer: Elin from sweden | 3/2/07

hello, i just have to say that this song is soooo beautiful, it&acute;s so close to make me cry. avril has such a nice voice, and i love this song <3

Cool | Reviewer: pipsluvstango | 2/26/07

This is the best Avril song, it rules, I sing it in te shower and everything! Lol.I've got her Let go album and her Losing grip one too, you go Avril!

its so true we wer jus meant 2 b supposed 2 but we lost it... | Reviewer: khushi | 2/20/07

this song has d best lyrics n d tune 4 all those whuv luved n lost...a really nice song wich shows how ppl u care 4 use u or are scraed 2 face the truth maybe coz their frns dont accept u...its happened 2 me n god i swear its painful!i mean i luved him i still do n he jus left me coz his frns forced him 2...i feel sry wen i luk bak at him coz d loss is his d lrrics r true he was everythin everythin i wanted we wer meant 2 b supposed 2 b but we lost it and of all r memories s close 2 just fade away..all dis while he was pretendin so much 4 my happy endin!dis 1's 4 "him" if hes readin dis i did still do n will alwayz luv u...but yet again dis wasnt my happy endin...

ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/07

its funny how true this song is to me.
i think its great, probably just because i identify with it so much.

Great!! | Reviewer: Emily | 1/5/07

I love this song I know all the words

I feel the same way | Reviewer: Liz | 9/2/06

I've been having a very hard time getting over my first boyfriend. And this song says it all. I this is my favorite of her. I sang this with my twin on kareoke. :)

Love this song! | Reviewer: Angela | 5/15/06

I really like Avril's song and "My Happy Ending" is the best song I've ever listen! I kept on repeating the song over and over again. This song help me to over come my past relationship.

avril rules everything! | Reviewer: avril's biggest fan | 8/26/05

Avril is the best. Full stop. I have my hair done like hers, i have signed c.ds & pictures from her, iv'e seen her in concert, i know all the words to every song shes wrote, I EAT SLEEP LIVE AVRIL!!!!!!!!!
my happy ending is the song you need 2 lisen 2 if your relationship has gone wrong. I lisen 2 it if it happens to me or if im just in a bad mood. I listen to it any mood i'm in because Avril's the one that makes me so happy. Thanks for reading this and rock on avril xxxx

nothing to say... | Reviewer: yusuf | 1/12/05

i have never listened such a great voice and such a good song.i cant discuss my feelings about avril adn her songs.she is my ANGEL and nothing to say about her

My Happy Ending | Reviewer: Axel Perez | 12/2/04

My happy ending is a very good song. Even though I like Avril Lavigne, I am a bit embarrased of Complicated. But with this song she outruns complicated's shadow and proves to the world that she is more than just a popper.*

Wow. | Reviewer: Kidston | 11/14/04

I always thought Avril was one of the punk blues rockers that have no idea what the word 'music'means! But, when I heard this song I was proven wrong. Now Avril is one of my favorite singers. This song can relate to so many people that are in a bad relatoinship and their partner is just messing with their heads. I recomened this cd to everyone and anyone!

great, nothing could be better. | Reviewer: Kay | 10/20/04

Ohhhh i love it. Its eczacly how i feel sometimes. My crush is just always messing with my head. It feels good when i hear it. its somthing i can really dance to and let my heart out. know all i need is the cd.
I luv it.