i love this | Reviewer: amy | 7/13/04

i used to hate avril, but this song really changed my mind. i've felt...i feel like what this poem's saying. really good job on it, i love this song and i don't care what my friends say, i'm going to get the album that this song's on.

The Best ! | Reviewer: Daphne | 7/9/04

This is by far her best song and the lyrics are truthful witch is opposite from her old album. Go Avril!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Julia | 7/6/04

This song is really,really good.Avril's voice has changed alot from her first CD.

10/10 | Reviewer: laura | 7/5/04

i think that this is one of the best avril lavigne songs and at the moment it is my favorite song all together. this rocky poppy song is too good for words, it's difficult to explain.