Relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

I can totally relate to this song because my ex bf dated me only because he felt sorry for me and all his friends knew about it.

OMG I <3 THIS SONG | Reviewer: Carry | 8/17/07

This song is the best EVA! It reminds me of my cheapskate ex-bf. It is a song that can relate to any teenage girl. Avril ROCKS!

Carry Stones, 17

uh...yeah! Nice... | Reviewer: Holly Hanson | 8/11/07

This song is nice...I like the way that you cover the word stuff instead of know that nasty word shi...thanks, i hate it when lyrics have those rank words!!!!!!! No, really...

AWW | Reviewer: [ H ] annah x | 8/5/07

its really beautiful but my al tie fav. is her new 1.
because it reminds me of when my boyfriend died.. :'(


*_* "SoLeCiTo" *_* | Reviewer: solange | 8/3/07

I like avril so much becouse her style is very original, my favourite song is girlfriend, becouse the lyrics makes me think abaut my friends


about the song my happy ending preformed by AVRIL LVIGNE!! | Reviewer: lashes | 8/2/07

This song is ace i have all the 3 albums and Avril is ace, this song reminds me of me and my boyfriend. Avril is my idol and i love her to bits, i would love to be her friend in person or her sister in person. i love you Avril!!!

Avrill Lavingne | Reviewer: Karinna | 7/30/07

Omggg Avril!! All 3 of ur albumss RoK!!! u r my idol!! i went 2 all ur conserts and i trully think ur THE BEST DAMB THING!!! i listen 2 ur songss 24/7!! Omgg i would so like 2 be ur friend in person !! but.. Anywayzzz I LUV U !!!<333
Karin .17

Hecka Awsome | Reviewer: Cassie | 7/17/07

OMG this has to be the best song from you other then girlfriend but this is sooo much better i love it!Way to go Avril!!!!YoU rOcK!!!!!

Hi | Reviewer: Kristina | 7/14/07

Omg i love this song....i wanted to sing this to my ex boyfriend because his friends got him to dump me but i was to scared to sing to him = (

your song | Reviewer: janusha | 7/13/07

did you know that someone copied your song but just replaced the bad words with good words?it's the superstarz kids sleepover party mix.they even publisheda c.d with your song avril lavigne

review ^^ | Reviewer: Holly | 7/8/07

I love this song !!! one of the best of Avril Lavigne !!!

to100 | Reviewer: emily | 7/5/07

i think this is a great song.But girlfriend was freinds have her let go album and they all think complicated was the best i would be embarresed hearing that song!xoxoxo

My happy ending | Reviewer: Julene Gatot | 6/25/07

so much for my happy ending...awesom...this is my one for the best Avril Lavigne song i've ever heard! I also like the songs complicated and girlfriend. nice song Avril!! You rock my world!!

kewlness!!! | Reviewer: Jeniffer | 6/16/07

I luv this song!!!! But it really makes me think of when me and my boyfriend brokeup.So sometimes when I listen to this song it makes me cry thinking about him. Even though I have a new boyfriend at school it's still kinda hard seeing him with another girl and we never agreed on still being friends.But I still think I have feelings for him deep inside even with another boyfriend.But this song still makes me happy by thinking of the good times we had together and we still kinda talk when he calls for homework which sucks!!! but itstill worth it to hear his voice!But I adore this song I'm just hoping I dont break down cryin at the school dance from hearing it...I luv my new boyfriend even more but I think I'm sure I still luv Justin!!

deny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

I like very much the song "MY HAPPY ENDING".I like very, very much Avril Lavigne and she is my favourites STAR.She have a beautiful hair!!
I like so much "GIRLFRIEND" !!In this song she have a beautiful dress blue with black...
AVRIL LAVIGNE is very beautiful!!!!I like very much shes songs and... SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!