I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Julia | 3/24/09

where i use to live i went to the ymca camp and they had a karoke machine that you could pick the song you want to sing. well, me and my best friend would always sing it and then i moved so this song is the only thing that i have to remind me of my friend!

echhh..so much/// | Reviewer: Nina | 2/20/09

welll I recently had a such situation with someone I were friends wwith. It started year and half ago, and few moths ago, he sudenlly started to ingonre me, without telling me why. and recently I found out that he said to his mother that he was talking with me and behaving like a true good friend just becouse he felt sorry for me....and in my class there are people that tell some bad things about me without truly knowing me....and I never had a firend in school so I thouth that I finally found one....ech...so much for my happy ending. I would like to sing that for him

love this song | Reviewer: Sommer | 1/27/09

hey guys this song is one of her bests i think... but its hard to listen to it without it making me cry cuz its so true and it could happen to me... or you... just consider that and its a rockin song

okay soo.. | Reviewer: alexis | 1/21/09

this song is perfect for my situation. i have been like together if you know what i mean. like not dating but like talking alot n stuff with this guy. and then he screwed me over w his ex. then he told me they broke up which they really didnt. but obviously he wanted me in his life still. so for four months i didnt know he had a gf. he lied to me saying he didnt and he told me he loved me and one day he wants to go out with me. like the song says "It's nice to know that you were there,
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one" but whatever hell be crawling back to me. but when he does idk what to doo....

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH | Reviewer: Megan | 11/29/08

When i was listening 2 this i thought i would sing it 2 my crush...Well its not really a crush bcoz he knows that i love him But it would be weird if i sung this 2 him and i SOOO love this song I LUV LUV LUV LUV ITT YEAHHHHH |

i thought. | Reviewer: pink | 10/27/08

This song I keep hearing it over and over again which reminds me of the guy i was in love with (my ex-boyfriend) sure we broke up alotta times and he treated me like bad at times.But even though I date other guys they dont have the connection me and my ex-boyfriend had.Now after all the crap me and my ex went through im trying to forgot him..now i hear he stilll loves me..but he acts like if he doesnt

How your songs compare to me in real life | Reviewer: -->courtney fillmore<-- | 10/9/08

all of your songs compare to my life but especailly this one. ok, i broke up with this one guy, right? then he asked me back out like l8r that week..i said okay, one more chance....then i kissed him and walked away, okay? THEN l8r that evening i caught him talking to his best friend about how he is just dateing me because im popular and he wants to be popular, and i also heard him sayin how he hates my attitude because im stuck up. so l8r that night i told him to come over my house so i could dump him in person so i did. he completely denyed the whole thing and asked if i could give him a kiss goodnight. so the part that says "all this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending" reminds me so much of how my life is going. but thankfully i l8r found the right guy for me:) i;v been datin him for for months..and ALL your songs make me cry, by the way. E-mail me some time.

why i love you'r song | Reviewer: Milissa | 9/1/08

Hey i love ur song so much coe it reminds of the guy that i once loved,he did to me a horroble thing that i just can't describe or talk about...he was such a jerk that i waisted my time over..he littirly (held me on a breakable thread)after i found out about his relaishinship to my best friend when i accedently caught them together chatting about me and about how much he hates me
i just love ur song so much and i think it's so cool way to go Avril!!!!

real-life song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

MY STORY: guy that I like was so kind,and nice to me,so i took his phone number and we chat,and every time i sawed him he was huging me,kissing,flirting,saing that we are soul mades or something similar,we both like same things,so all our friends were saing that we are perfect couple,so cute together,and than i discovered in my best friend's phone his massage that he's in love with her and that he dont know what to tell me! How about : I dont like you! The best part is when he said that he actually likes me but i look to much like his ex girlfriend ( we really do look almost same ) ,and thats the reason why he cant be with me..

It's nice to know that you were there,
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done

All this time he was pretending
So much for my happy ending

i love this song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/08

omg i love this song so much...this reminds me of the dumb guy i like and all that stuff he told me that liked me and finally when i tell him thats he so cute he doesnt talk to me again and he said that he had my freakin back and he doesnt have my back..and he was prtending to like me and he was really cool we had alot on common and we or well i thought he liked me and no he doest..so hate him now for putting my hopes yo high up and then he got them and he crushed them!!

Mahal Kita ForEver Lhara | Reviewer: LharaMark | 4/2/08

its a nice song because its one of my favorite song of avril but my most favorite is "When You're Gone" because me and my girlfriend is not legal to his parents so we are not meet every day so that i miss him.......
I Love Him With all of my life
I Hope She will Not Hurt me
because she is the Everything
In My Life....

i love your song | Reviewer: Eloiza | 3/26/08

I Have leason to this song ten million times i
realy love it and i do compere your songs with my life most of the time MY 21 year old boyfriend was about to get marry to another girl about a month ago. he sucks and i just love your songs so much.

Im with yu | Reviewer: Ziyanda | 3/18/08

hey i luv your song girl i wish i could see u im your biggest fan everytime i listen to ur songs even if i have a bad day when i listened to your song i forgot about everything especiaaly the song na na na na it makes me cry the message i s the plz email back when u recieved this email, ps out

(stevenfox) Well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/08

My relationship started with a song by Avril lavigne(When you are gone)which my girlfriend dedicated to me,and now my relationship end with the same singer(avril lavigne)with this song<<You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending>>
But i think this summer i will made up(i hope so)

You'r songs rock! | Reviewer: tenesha | 1/14/08

I love this song.This and Sk8er Boi are my two top favorite songs!I love all your songs but girlfriend.I use to like it but the more and more I listend to it I realised that there is basicly yelling instead of singing.I mean I like the song its self but I don't like that you basicly hollor it.But I will always be listening to you'r songs and trust me,I have almost all of them on my i-pod/mp3!You rock and keep making and sining awsome songs!