good song! | Reviewer: Rina | 6/20/13

This song is really so close to me. Every word is about my life story...
I loved one guy so much but he did not turn out to be the one I expected. I still loving him now.Sometimes I feel very sad because of this but this song always makes me smile in such cases:) :) :)
Avril is an amazing singer and songwriter

soong! | Reviewer: raysa | 12/20/12

Is incredible how avril writes such amazing songs that always describes our feeligs
i love this one ! Always when im in love with someone and we dont last too long
i listen to this song. It makes me feel so much better! Like she says" just say whatever"

Love | Reviewer: Becca | 9/20/10

This song pretty much describes my life. I had a really bad heart break and when we broe up he told me i would find someone that loved me soon. I missed him a lot. But i knew we need to stop being unhappy. Things always happen for a reason. "I wont forget everything you told me"
Ive been really weak for the past 3 months and really sad; however, i am really hopeing her lyrics are true. "as it tears you down, it builds you up" I just really hope i become a stronger person.
The part that always makes me smile is "Some girls fall, just like I did
they break our hearts, I should’ve broke his"
:) Sometimes i wish i didnt fall so hard.

. | Reviewer: parizad | 7/1/07

i like this song. it gives me hope. my current boyfriend is sorta like the guy shez tokin abt here. but im always afraid wen we tok abt breakin up. maybe one day ill jut get it over with. man i love AVRIL=p