Screw you guys | Reviewer: grace | 6/19/10

Alright. For all of you that are complaining about how you dont like how Avril screams DONE in the bridge, get over it. Its HER music. If you dont like it, fuck off and listen to some Paris Hilton. Avril is amazing in everything she does. Dont complain. Seriously, if you dont like it, dont listen to her. And all of you complaining that you dont like how she sounds angry, somehting is wrong with you. Song writing is all about emotions. The fact that you can actually feel how avil felt while she wrote this song is amazing. Most artists cant do that. How the HELL are you complaining? You are all idiots.

luv the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/08

hey ppl no the song im listening to it now is i dont have to try der and hey yeesh harsh much reely its there opinion dont SCREEM dah wtvr lolzness wtvr and she screams die i have listend to it like 1000000 times its die dah wtvr lolzness XD

The real information about this song. | Reviewer: Your Mom | 8/8/08

All of you are wrong.
Take it from someone who knows.
First of all "Smart one", the name of this song,
I bought the album so don't be talking shit when you don't know shit.

And for the rest of you, who the hell are you to define who Avril is? She can change when she wants, do what she wants and say what she wants. If she want's to sceam and sing that type of music, than fuck off. Who the fuck are you to define who she is?

Avril Is Saying It!! | Reviewer: Kayla | 11/22/07

Avril is really saying that a girl dosen't have to try to make a guy realize how inprotant she is.
I love it.It is very inprotant that girls don't do that to guys then that would just mean that she is faking someone that she is not.
If you have something to ask me please email me at:

not one of my favourites | Reviewer: Pablo | 6/28/07

hi, i am a boy from Argentina so my english is not perfect. i generally like avril's music but this is TOO hard for her style. i agree with keira, (see above) i like the song but if she didnt scream "done" in the bridge, the song would be better.

I don't have to try | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

This song is called 'I WEAR THE PANTS' not I don't have to try. I love this song, i think its hilarious. Its a nice change from all those songs about being heartbroken and serious stuff like that

"Done?" | Reviewer: Keira | 5/29/07

This song would be a great song, i really like avril lavigne, but i really don't like how angry she seems when she screams "done" in the bridge. If she didn't do it, it would be one of my favorite songs.

its the NEW Avril - All Grown Up and In-Charge | Reviewer: Roxy | 5/11/07

Avril says she "wears the pants" meaning she's the one who is in charge. Whatever she says, goes. She knows it all type thing. She kinda screams in the bridge part "done" and I'm not fond of that. I like the way it sounds like Sum 41 type music. The guitars are awesome!! Basically this song is about doing whatever the hell you wanna do and not caring about anythin else. Avril is unabashed, in your face and very cheeky in this song! I like this song. It's not my favourite but it's still likeable..

awkward for av? | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/2/07

yeahh, agreed, i dont really like this song? it s not avril's best. and she wears the pants? whats up with that??

not my type of song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

usually i love avril's music, but this isn't really my type. i don't like the angry sound of it.