I agree | Reviewer: Silvia | 4/28/13

I totally agree, Kitkat. I sometimes think about just how many living, breathing, people of all different backgrounds and personalities in the world, and I sometimes think, why? What are they like? Would they like me? Comfort me? Sympathize with me? It just blows my mind, and Avril captured all of my exact feeling in this simple, extraordinarily deep song.

this has been one of my favourite songs growing up | Reviewer: Kitkat | 10/8/11

To me, this song means exactly what it says "how does it feel to be different from me?"..."How does it feel?"
In other words, we all are our own. We all view life and everyone (including ourselves) differently. We all experience different emotions from other people. I feel like she's asking 'How does it feel to be YOU?'.."How does it feel to be somebody else than myself?".."Do you feel the same things I do ('Are we the same?')?" etc.
It may mean something else, but when I hear this song it speaks to me exactly like that. <3

amazing | Reviewer: Lemonriffic | 12/6/10

This is such an amazing song and i don't really get the message but i still understand the feel of the song. it's so great and it's my favourite avril song ever. I love singing it and listening to it.