WE LOVE AVRIL LAVIGNE AND THIS SONG DUHhh.. | Reviewer: sarah n jessica | 11/28/07

we love avril lavigne SO much! well doesnt everybody that has good taste in music......DUHhh!! XD ummmmmmm Kayy thats all we wanna say!!! love you avril!!! :D

Love,Jessica W. and Sarah P.

i PRETTYMUCH think | Reviewer: boomer | 11/26/07

that this song is prettty stupid ^_^
nice backup music though quiete bouncy nd stuff,
but wtf is she singing about?
it sounds like she wants some guy to stick big balls in her in a closet.
someone tell me what this song is on about,
cheers (Y)
laterrrr haterrrs

i like it. kinda | Reviewer: jessica | 11/23/07

yeah this song is good. not great but i will still put it on my website. oh and if you wanna go on it it is lolheehee.wetpaint.com
i would love it if you came
from, jessica

People can be stupid | Reviewer: Issy | 11/21/07

I personaly love avril! she is a great artist and her songs rock!!!!!!! If you don't like this song, then go kill your self!!!!! Her style is soooooo cool too! Love her clothes!

Um. | Reviewer: Angel | 11/19/07

Well I believe that anyone saying this song sucks and/or stupid should just shut up. Honestly if you do not like this song do not comment we do not really care if you like it. :)

its grreat | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/19/07

this reminds me of my relationship..i looovee it..and i read an interview on avril and its not that shes changing..shes GROWING up, shes got to be in love too because i also LOVE 'when your gone' i hope 'hot' is her next single.

Jon makes me SO hot!!! | Reviewer: like its totaly me!!! | 11/17/07

ya this kid at school named Jon makes ME SO Hot! like the song.....i feel like going up tp him ang saying.........ur so good to me baybe baybe ur so good to me baybe bay!!! UR SO GOOD TO ME! but.....he only likes me as a friend..........wut should i do, if somebody who reads this wants to give me advice please do so....it would mean a lot to ME! my name is Carly so in your review send it to Carly! which is.........ME!! lol cyall soon

awful | Reviewer: helen | 11/15/07

I only agree with Tammy. This is a very stupid song. And how can you say this song ''rocks''? It is clear that it 's a pop song with stupid lyrics. Needless to say that all of Avril 's new songs are awful, as her new style...

I love Avril and she so rocks | Reviewer: The BITCHY CHICK | 11/13/07

I love Avril cause she is like the best singer ever and i also like, sooo adour this song and if anyone hates Avril or her songs and exspecially this songthey have to be a huge wierd and a bad must have a bad taste in songs looser and i like soooooo meen all of that. OK!

hot | Reviewer: puppy | 11/9/07

this song is very hot..-amazing..i can listen this song all day non-stop...you so good to me, baby,baby...:* this is best Avril song ever..i think...yes, this song is not like another songs, but this is different..and that whay i like it :)) and i think this song can't remind boyfriend.. look like all songs reminds boyfriend..no!! this is one fantastic song..no asociasions..

this song fucking rocks bitchezz | Reviewer: Hoda | 11/8/07

omg i love this song its so straight upp. arvil lavigne rocks and knows how to have a good time. keep it up ! =)

.... | Reviewer: kimmiiee | 11/4/07

well i luv the song no dout on tht but i dont fink the person avril is tryin be is her shes actin like all the others which is a bad fing i liked her coz she wasnt plastic n she had her own way but now she just wants be like everyone else which is a BIG letdown :(

sexybitch | Reviewer: lucky star | 10/19/07

this song is amazing
i never really liked avril apart from some of her old stuf
i hated girlfriend
but i cant get enough of this song, she really can pull of lots of different styles
luv this song so much!

avril rocks my moms socks off. | Reviewer: noelle | 10/17/07

[[= she does. fasho. this is proabaly one of her best songs. its alot different than when youre gone. but i like how she can make incredible sad songs and perfect dance songs.

Love | Reviewer: Lynneee ;D x3 | 10/15/07

I Actually really like this new side of avril, she shows that she can pull any style of music off and i idolise her for that. i love all her songs & this one's brill. a liked her when she was sort of punkish aswell but shes truely beautiful so why dosnt she show it instead of bein dressed in all those boyish clothes she once wore. i like her better now & shes a brilliant role model ;D
this song rockssss :D