This Is the best from the best singer | Reviewer: Lucho | 10/6/07

Oh yeah this is the best song ever, this is better than others singers' songs, she should make a video of this one. I love er music for a long time and this isthe best one.

omg! | Reviewer: minerva | 10/4/07

omg!!!! i love this song. ever since i heard it ive been playing it over and over again, this shouldnt be her single it has to be her single. i love the words its exactly how i feel about my boyfriend.

No I don't like it | Reviewer: Tammy | 8/22/07

I miss the old Avril, with the Let Go and Under My Skin days. This is such a plastic version of her, like the person before me said: it's so borderline and mainstream - she's not trying to be different like she used to be. So what if she's number 1# on the Billboard Hot 100? Soon everyone will forget about Girlfriend and songs like this, just cheap, poppy singles, and will listen to real music.
PS. Hot IS going to be the next single. Sadly. Innoncence or Runaway would be much better picks.

Hm. | Reviewer: Kelli | 8/20/07

I'm not sure If I like this song. Yes, it is a good one, but we've never seen this side of Avril. It sounds more like some rap stuff, like Ushers confessions or something. This song is very borderline, but I guess its okay. Though I disagree with the rest of you- I dont think this should be a single. Sorry.

this is wat i say | Reviewer: LoseItToMusic | 6/21/07

ok this song i so awesome i was like listening to it on the cd and it better then girlfriend, dude do a video

I've always loved her music :) | Reviewer: Ashli | 5/2/07

this song is amazing.
i love the lyrics.
all of her lyrics always explain things very well.
and how people feel, and this song reminds me of how i feel about my boyfriend (:

i love it.
it should be the next single.
i love every single one of her songs.

all of them. <3

HOT | Reviewer: Cathy | 4/17/07

I really like this song. It shows that she has a different side to her. It's very catchy and the first time I heard it, I enjoyed it and had to play it over and over again!

I hope she makes this her next single.

wtf...yes. | Reviewer: jordanx3 | 4/6/07

i like this song. it's catchy. hopefully, next single. i hated girlfriend...this should soooo be next. =]