Love that song! | Reviewer: Avril | 4/30/13

^my name IS avril btw! i love that song! so epic! i am a crazy avril fan! i wish she came to england more! anyway...back to the song...i dont get why you people dont like it. i think it is one of her best songs! i hate people who dont like it. raaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

hot- yeah right. | Reviewer: alia | 2/11/11

ok this song was just plain awful. I dont get why she changed her style she was way better before. Now she's just like all the other singers, bad voices and music with lyrics that want to make me puke.

Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/10

Kolagurl UK is an idiot. First off, read the lyrics properly. She says she "can hardly breathe", not that she "can't breathe". Secondly, she says that she WANTS to scream. Get hold of a dictionary, woman! Wanting to scream and actually having the ability to are completely different things. "I had my vocal cords cut out, by my torturer, and all I wanted to do was scream for help, but I couldn't". And girl, if you spent less time in front of the computer screen bitching and went outside, you'd discover that "ridiculous" can also be used in a complimentary way. As for the rhyming, it's pop music, what do you expect? At least she didn't use the ever popular "Crazy, Baby" rhyming like most pop groups do at some point.

I like this song, despite it being for girls, I think of it the way I feel about the girl I love.

LOL kolagirl uk - You are 100% awesome | Reviewer: El Nino | 10/23/09

Hahahahaha I totally have to agree with kolagirl uk. I laughed so hard when I read her review xD

This song does a great job of hiding the suggestive-ness (?? lol) behind it. Apart from that, it's pretty dreadful lol.

Info about a autograph singing | Reviewer: Avril Lavigne | 10/22/09

Thank you for all of the reviews for this song!! I am so happy all my fans like my music! I am signing autographs @ Hot Topic in the Marley Station mall in Glen Burnie,Maryland I hope all my fans will be there!!!!:)<3 I love all of you!

hot by avril | Reviewer: julianna | 4/3/09

I love this song it is so awsome i'm acualy lisening to it right now i'm so adicted to avril that I want her clothes and her hair,eyes,one day I had purple hair and mabey when I go to saturday school i'll get $20.00 and I might get my nail's done orget my hair dyed pink,red,purple,blue,light-green,grey,or/and white

I love Hot! | Reviewer: Leah | 11/17/08

I love this song it is awesome, i got all her songs on my ipod.
The lyrics on this one... Different.
But i still love the song. I write my own, but no one who knows me knows that, i am always scared to show anyone or sing so that is just my own lil secret and i had a song sort of like this, but i can't find it anywhere, if i find it i wanna compare it to this song, 'cause it rocks!

Awesome Blowjob song | Reviewer: Trillville | 3/8/08

This song sounds like someones girlfriend so madly in love that she wants to practically rape you and give you head like none other. psstt. If you just look at it that is what it sounds like from the lyrics. "You make me so hot, I am dropping and can't stop and cannot BREATHE, you are so good to me." hahaha xD

WOW........ | Reviewer: XMC2330 | 2/11/08

tHIS IS one of her Coolest n Most Pumped Tracks. I WOuld rate it a All Time Listener, works well for HOuse Rock Parties. Guys mostly love it. SO get a Power Woofer n Play it, u'll start jumpin!!!!!!

wtf lyrics? | Reviewer: wooooo | 1/19/08

i love this song, but im just wondering wat its about.
"You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop" tell me thats not head?
Also wtf- you're in and you can't get out ??? asif thats not fully suggestive

LOVE it tho- just a tad dirty

Avril makes me so HOT - WITH FURY | Reviewer: kolagurl_uk | 1/7/08

Recently Avril has been acknowledged internationally for her talent and received tons of awards, this is why I want to nominate her for the category of worst song ever with her single Hot.

When I first heard it I actually had to go and check the lyrics because I couldn't believe they were actually that crap and had to double check. And YES they are CRAP. Really, it doesn't make any sense at all - example: 'i can't breathe' and then 'you make me wanna scream' YOU CANNOT SCREAM WHEN YOU CANNOT BREATHE! Then she goes on calling her boyfriend - 'ridiculous' and 'fabulous' IN THE SAME VERSE! I'll tell you what comes to mind....CHEAP RHYMING TECHNIQUES FROM AN EVENING CLASS IN POETRY AT THE RUNDOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE IN SHYTEZVILLE, CANADA.

Obviously I would say that this song is probably a curse sent to humanity - I WOULD IN FACT PUT IT IN THE SAME LEAGUE AS THE BLACK DEATH. And she - is the filthy rat spreading it. Angel and Lucho obviously have buboes on their eyeballs as they cannot see how dumb the song actually is.

Unfortunately Avril cannot be punished for this as she does not write her songs - and I would advise her to pay someone who knows the meaning of good grammar.

P.S. I an avid Avril fan. SHE ROX....(: <---ashli's retarded smiley face...resembling her HOT Boyfriend. 'Fabulously Ridiculous' I know...




P.P.S - don't get me started on the cheap VIDEO and RIPPED OFF MUSIC.

make me wanna drop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/07

"You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
You're so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream
You're so fabulous
You're so good to me baby baby" that part reminds me of the one day my boyfriend was over... my parents werent home but one of my friends was over so we couldnt really do anything but he is such a tease!!! He is sooo good to me tho.

the queen | Reviewer: debby | 12/4/07

I am a great fan of Avril she is da best she is so awesome and rocks beta dan any rockstar I know
dis song hot is really hot its self and its one of d best songs I've eva watched 4rm Avril. I love u Avril u're d greatest.

Music - good, lyrics - weak | Reviewer: Pam | 12/4/07

I must admit i like listening to this song, however, as 'hot' and relevant those lyrics might sound to some people, they still lack the 'grown up attitude' that Avril suppose to have acquired over these years. Its almost like she dug up her diary from 9th grade and put half of it into her album. (I gave my cd to my lil sister, she's 14 and she loves it)
i give it C+ for good effort and to make room for some improvement.

i like her | Reviewer: nico | 12/3/07

well, i was not a big fan of her, i have to say... and i still don't know if i really like her music, but i do know is that i like her... i mean, i didn't pay atention to her when she was a teen new singer... but now: OMG!!! she's really grown up!!! and damn precious!!! and this song is great!