Avril Lavigne ROCKS!! | Reviewer: anonamous (is that how you spell it?) | 12/22/2007

Avril Lavigne, if you are reading this, YOU ROCK!!!! I loved that song "skaterboy" (or is it "sk8erboi"?). I also really loved "Hold On" (or is it "Keep Holdin' on"?). It would be so amazingly AWESOME if I could meet you in real life or go to one of your concerts. My favorite part of "skaterboy" (or "sk8erboi") is "sorry girl but you missed out well tough luck that boy's mine now we are more than good friends this is how the story ends too bad that you couldn't see see the man that boy could be there is more that meets the eye I see the soul that is inside". KEEP ON ROCKIN' TIL YOU CAN'T ROCK NO MORE (which I hope will be a very very very very very very very very very very very very very long time) :D :D :D :D :D

hot song | Reviewer: china | 6/19/2007

This song will make u cry. Listen when u have a hard time. One&* ( love)%*

Simply beautiful | Reviewer: Nelly | 6/11/2007

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song, beautiful!! simply beautiful!!

Hold On | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/2007

I really love this song cuz it's slow and has an edge at the same time!It's really beautiful just like you!I envy you!!!!!

i love ur music | Reviewer: anistaisia | 5/6/2007

hey avril don't listen to them your music rocks and i think stick to what you believe in and ypu'll make it all the way! lov anistasia

cool | Reviewer: maria | 5/1/2007

i have to ask you something liket hat one girl said about you why do you care about what ather people say? thats not cool.. you have to be your selph.. you wont get anywhere if thats how you are going to life.. well any ways i LOVE The music..
love maria

why did you go soft?? | Reviewer: kirsten | 4/17/2007

why did you go pop?? I liked you better when you where punk and didnt care what people think of you... why did you change??

ELLO | Reviewer: Chelse Star | 4/9/2007

Another great song by u. Love this one too! Keep them coming. By the way i really like ur blonde hair!