immature people! | Reviewer: kris | 5/10/11

i personally like avril lavigne's music, but some people are so immature!!!! if you don't have anything nice to say about it, you really should just keep your mouths shut and not say anything at all or go comment on something you actually like instead of hating on music that others like....gosh....

!!!!WOW!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

Wow!!!! I heard wat all the other coments are and all I gotta say is WOW!!!! My opinion is that I luv this song but it's not her best!! I do love "get over it". Her music video is one of the best music videos by her. She is one of my favorite singers. I think of her as rock, pop, even punk. Depending on the song:)
Some of you people that commented have seious problems!!!!

heloooooooooookitty | Reviewer: melinda | 4/19/09

hi im melinda from algeria i live in paris france and i love so much avril she is the princesse of rock bands she is the best of the best so as we know french are algerians and avril is origin from france and i wanna said to evrybody who hats avril newtand he or she is a asssholllll

:: | Reviewer: Lilith | 11/29/08

I'm like Avril's music, but i don't like her, she so meanstream and changes herself, just to make profit, as u can see when you have her new album. She had become like all the others. A piky blonde, i think thats very sad

My Piczo | Reviewer: AZURIOUS | 6/24/08

I had the video for He wasn't on my piczo ( I wanted lyrics, I sent them a link to this site so they can see for themselves. Oh, and the guy that says Avril isn't a rockstar, it's easy to tell. On my I-Tunes it has 'Genre' beside the artist, and by all her songs it says 'Pop'. But I still love her, and I loved going to her concert!!!LOL

He wasn't. | Reviewer: Distraught. | 1/15/08

From my personal thoughts,avril isn't a real rockstar or whatever you people label her as.
She isn't brutal enough.
She isn't the legend.
oh well,i guess,not many of you wanna see her as a metal-singer.
wait,her songs aren't even rock.more of pop though.
okay,no offence yeah.
that's that.
piss out.

silly song | Reviewer: me | 1/2/08

i´m from Argentina, i think this song is really stupid, she has better songs, and she is so fucking beautiful and i´m the skater fucking boy

love it | Reviewer: lolz | 11/4/07

I used this song when my friend had an abusing bf. My friends and I send lyrics of songs to eachother when we trying to give eachother advice, and this was what I sent to her. She broke up with him... XD

He Wasn´t!!! | Reviewer: Doris | 10/26/07

He Wasn´t is the best single the World!!!
This is my favourite Single!!!
Avril Lavigne is nice tu!!!!!!!!!1

he wasn't | Reviewer: maya | 6/22/07

this song is the most stupide song og all avril's songs i love her and i love her songs except this one .