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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Awsome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

I like this song alot at she has done a great job! This is one of the best songs shes done! This songf has a fantasic message as well for teend an tweens!

NICE | Reviewer: JH | 5/6/07

I don't know much about avril,
but I know her songs and I like them so much
Whenever I listen her song ...It's amazing...
I'm sorry that I can't express my thoughts in English....
I think she is a one of the best singers!

i'm pretty,sexy and brainy | Reviewer: malu m. | 5/3/07

great...bravo...a great song all the way from her single album called "under my skin" know i am just wondering what is really something under her skin???? better find it for yourself....

^^ | Reviewer: Véréna | 4/24/07

J'adore cette chanson ! Surtout ce que ça veut dire, Avril Lavigne est une Super Chanteuse !
Je n'aime pas que l'on dise qu'elle chante mal, que l'on aime pas... ok ! Mais qu'à ce point là ! J'ai envie de les frapper ceux qui disent ça ! >___< SHIT !

Message in | Reviewer: Desiree | 4/18/07

I've listened to Avril since her first album came out. It took me quite awhile to realize what I perceive to be the meaning. I believe she is singing about a date rape. "Don't think that your charm And the fact that your arm is now around my neck Will get you in my pants, I'll have to kick your ass And make you never forget I'm gonna ask you to stop Thought I liked you a lot." To me that's a young girl singing about her anger because a guy she trusted raped her. I think that's rather deep for her and applaud her on it.

he wasn't | Reviewer: Tori freeman | 4/16/07

he wasn't right for me I didn't know who i am why everything so confusing may be is just my life I admit to accept my life to he wasn't for me I didn't review my life I view every thing feel I going hurt myself may be I am a jerk to tell you he wasn't I didn't he wasn't for me I being responsible to be this way to feel he wasn't right for me I try to be ready for you

Don't Tell Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

I am not so sure that the song is preaching chastity so much as that it is ok to not have sex, that it isn't necessarily cool to just give it up because some guy with a hard-on says the right things.

F*ck you | Reviewer: Girlfriend | 4/6/07

Nataly,Please fuck off you're fucking rude avril lavigne rules she ain't fake and not preppy for someone who keep writing toooooo much sad songs she's happy now and is married you fucking people need to go back to where you came from jeez.Avril cannot be preppy 4 1 reason does a preppy girl wear fishnets and shorts and doesn't reveal all of you fucking people liek hilary duff because she's growin' up.She's revealing Avril ain't.
sorry love this song and FUCK YOU ALL

Nelly | Reviewer: NELLY | 4/6/07

This song is very great...Avril have her own sense for write, and that is so perfect...By the way: Who is that "NIKKY" You are GOOSE...First you must know what is -alphabet-, and then tell something about song...

Senchy-crazy girl | Reviewer: Senada | 3/3/07

Hey guys...I'm Senada from Bosnia..I like Avril very, very much...she's cool and the song is the best! That's all from me... pusa svima

Just...great | Reviewer: solange | 3/1/07

hey it's just...great song. everything's wonderful. the best song she ever published.(my opinion):D

well..... | Reviewer: nikky | 2/28/07

according to me ..this song is kinda a msg..yeah freay..but true...ull all agree..actually its a msg in a song..its gud to humm yeah!!!

Avril | Reviewer: Nataly | 2/19/07

Hey,I'm from Greece too!;)Anw Avril WAS perfect...Now she is just a fake person...Not Avril...

hi! | Reviewer: sofia | 2/10/07


wonderful | Reviewer: pippoflow | 4/1/06

An amazing wonderful song!Someone says Avril isn't a punk,I don't think so.She's cool,I like her.

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