Great Song, Wrong Artisit | Reviewer: Avril Lavigne Sucks (not as much as this site though) | 7/25/2005

Dammit is proably one of the best songs EVER. However, it is not avril lavigne that sings it, you actually think SHE wrote something as good as Dammit? Blink 182, sing Dammit. it was written by Mark Hoppus (bass, vocals) and Tom Delonge (guitar, vocals) and can be found on their album Dude Ranch. This site obviously does not know any of this though, as they claim AL sings it. Which she doesnt. get it right. she also doesnt sing
my own worst enemy (lit)
action (better known as felling this by blink 182)
Not Now (Blink 182)
American Idiot (Green Day)
Elevator (boxcar racer)
This is (Boxcar Racer)
and i (boxcar racer)
pathetic (blink 182)
waggy (blink 182)

there are many MANY more, but you get the point.

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