I Love 'Complicated' | Reviewer: Katherine Lily | 8/17/11

For years, I've heard this song playing on the radio, but I've never known who sung it. Well, great job, Avril Lavigne! You rock! I like this song because it's so catchy and it sends an important message, too. Friends change, or people change, and then they're not who they used to be. I can relate to this because my former best friend is an entire different person nowadays.

Amazing... | Reviewer: Fateme | 7/13/11

OMG...I love this song...Avril you're soooo amazing.This song shows friends or anyone else turning to the ones that ain't the ones we used to know and it gets us frustrated.It's one of her best songs...
Good job Avril*

mindblowing ! | Reviewer: Rushikesh Sapale | 3/21/11

u are great Avril ! U'r voice touches my heart.It makes me remember about ma loved one...i have not seen video yet but i'm eager to see in short comings.I love u'r outstanding creation.....i just fond of it! Keep rejoicing us with ur magical voice..!....all the best!

It's kinda strange... | Reviewer: Mii | 9/30/10

But I actually connect this music to my father... He change so much since he's dating that bitch <.<
I really love this song ^^ It's weird to connect it to my father but it's the way it is... He's just acting like he's somebody else and he goes way when I more need him... And that gets me frustrated...
Anyway... I <3 THIS SONG

awesome | Reviewer: yudhi | 4/30/09

This girl really cool, I've ever listened your songs before, and I was thinkin' those are just so so for me....but thru time I realized that your songs are really awesome!!! And I do love it...I think you are one of the best of the best ever singer...good job, just keep on workin'...........

26/12/2008 | Reviewer: farah | 12/26/08

oh my god, i love this song.. it is so great and i love u avril so much and i like ur style ... i wish that i could be like u in the future.. and all ur songs and specially this song reminds me of loving boy friend.. i love so much and slipped away is the songs that reminds me of him and also this song. i love u avril

thank you | Reviewer: eljourmer@yahoo.com | 11/3/08

Over the years (I'm 52) a few pieces of music have grabbed or hit me hard, and depending on place and space hugged me or teased me or caressed me. When my son had on a music video show (or something) a few years back your video of this song came on and I was gabbed and hit and hugged and teased, including the sound and emotional power you do with your voice.
I looked up the lyrics and found this place.
I just looked at RS's review from '02, and it included "unnaturally catchy" as part of their description. I guess I'm not alone in my impressions.
I looked at several video's on youtube, with all those enthralled girls singing along. You give to your live audiences.
The song also models a compassionate view of people going through developmental stages, and maybe benefiting from compassionate criticism or expression of frustration.
Maybe I'm a silly old man , but I also recall that my mom appreciated "stairway to heaven" among many other songs of the 60's and 70's. Powerful music is powerful music.

anyone else?? | Reviewer: Taylor | 6/30/08

Does anybody else like the old Avril better than the new Avril? she's become EXACTLY what she said NEVER to be. a prep. i know. its harsh. but i LOVE this avril. shes so much better. then "You make me so hot" or "Take off all your preppy clothes" i like th second much. much better. thank you!

i luv that song | Reviewer: aly | 3/22/08

i like totally forgotaboutthat song intell last weekend when me and my step sister were thinking about all the songs we used to sing together and we couldn't remember the lyrics to this one so i checked it out and i rememberd why i luved that song when i was little. it told me how guys can be idiots and try and act like theyare someone else.

Complicated | Reviewer: cixo smoothie | 1/3/08

everythin's still complicated 2 b explained
everythin's still complicated 2 b typed
even love is the most complicated in d world. so many people make explanation more 'bout love n it's just phylosopy. N do u wanna know? d truth of phylosopy is not absolute alias "Nisbi" in ma word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But d single one is nver complicated, it's a death.