hello | Reviewer: maya | 2/14/07

i think this is one of the best songs of her!

smart | Reviewer: rose | 2/8/07

first of all look at what the first reviewer wrote with the title calle dcouldn't be better that person put an istead of a that is not the best but this lyrics are

She's original! | Reviewer: Heather | 3/31/06

Avril Lavigne is an original. I find it so cool that she wrote all her songs. Unlike some people who sing songs other people wrote. Avril is ver talented and has an amazing voice. She rox at guitar too. I hope Avril keeps up the good work for a very long time.

Couldn't be better! | Reviewer: The Blue Steel | 9/22/05

Complicated is the best song in the world!! If i had more time i'd listen to it all time. The lyrics are fantastic and Avril sings so well o i have nothing to critize!!! Avril I luv ya!!!!!!!! although I'm an spanish speaking person i understand the lyrics and love it!!!!!!!!!!

this is cool | Reviewer: D. | 8/24/04

this is cool! i love complicated. the music is so awsome, and the lyrics are good too. Avril is my all time favorite singer, so rock on Avril!