cool agn..!! | Reviewer: dA heAdbAnGeR | 6/29/07

whew...........dis is agn a cool song by avril..wel..u rock gal..keep up da cool work..peace..!!

cool agn..!! | Reviewer: dA heAdbAnGeR | 6/29/07

whew...........a cool song agn..u really a rocker babes..keep up da cool kinda stuf goin on..!!

Your biggest fan in the world! | Reviewer: Ashley Necole Evans | 6/23/07

I love all your song i listen to them all day long. I have posters of you on my wall i always wanted to be just like you. I admire you so much you even inspire me to write songs i have about four written down. maybe you can mail me things here is my address 394 #2 summerton Dr. St.Rose Lousisana 70087 well bye

hi | Reviewer: alanie | 6/22/07

hello im from philippines...i really like you avril lavigne

hi avril | Reviewer: amit "asimit" | 6/9/07

my avril..all the best..n lookin forwad to feel such music
again n again..

AVRIL ROCKS MY WORLD ! ! ! ! ! | Reviewer: Anonymus | 4/26/07

Avril is like the best singer! she is sooooo awsome! i think that she is happy with her husband and im glad that he made her life complete! CONGRATS Avril!!! :)- smiley

Gangsta! | Reviewer: Soo | 4/24/07

Avril's my favorite singer! she is a cool person who sings and never gives up. she's the best!

new | Reviewer: praggya | 4/21/07

ur every song is good but this one is very nice are u releasing new albums or not

Avril Lavigne | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/8/07

Avril's awesome!!!!!! She's the best singer in the whole damn world!!!!!! Seriously! And i'm so happy for her marrige to her love.

Goddess Avril | Reviewer: Fred | 4/3/07

The first time I heard this song,I thought " this is my true idol".I listen to her album " let's go" again and again,all day,whenever i have spare time.And i also hope che'll keep on this forever.