avril rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

avril you rock i love this song how you express yourself it means so much 2 me all at once i am your biggest fan i have loved your music ever scince i was 3 i understaned the message in this song and i love it
from your biggest fan Taylor Barto

avril i still love your old kind | Reviewer: yessika | 7/21/08

Avril, ich liebe Deine alte Art. Ich lieb Deine Stimme. Deine Alten Texte und deine offenheit. Ja klar jeder verändert sich aber heute gibst Du mir das Gefühl Dich für Deine neue Art hassen zu müssen.
Schade das ich der Zeit so zurück bin, ich will in der Zeit leben in der Zeit von Let go und Under my Skin. Diese 6 Jahre haben Dich sehr verändert.

Avril, I love your old kind. I love your voice, your old lyrics and your honest. Yes, naturally, everyone and everything will may change. But today you give emotions to hate you for your new stile and your performance. You have lost everything that you wanted. Your lyrics have lost the deeb.
Pity, that I`m back in time. I want to live in the time in the period Let go and or until under my skin. These 6 years have changed you much. :'-(
Sorry, for this bad english. i have tried everything. I`m a german girl from 15 years.
I hope you can understand everything!!! thanks Yessika

Inspirational | Reviewer: Abigal | 6/9/08

I love this song. It is so deep and, in my opinion, anyone who cannot understand deeper meaning may not understand this song. I can understand it, and I love the meaning. It is a beautiful song with good instruments and melody. Personally, I do not like her new music except "Keep Holding On" and "When You're Gone", otherwise all of her other new songs have no meaning to them. This song is one of the top 10 reasons I still love music. No lie. This song is very inspirational. Everyone who needs inspiration should listen to this song.

she's good. | Reviewer: sisija | 5/27/08

i like this song, a lot.
i like LET GO album, all of it.
and no matter what you say about growing up, I DON'T LIKE THE NEW HER.
my sister has the CD, it's BORING. all the songs are the same, i feel no difference. they are not those interesting pieces of music, to whom you can listen all day long - she has changed. some like it, some not - me including.

and i want to say - i miss the good old Avril.
altough, she's singing in july here, in latvia, and i'm going. just to check her out.

...okay... | Reviewer: Arely | 4/16/08

Okay, but one thing to grow up and another thing to change your style, change your music, change your friends, and change your life. I'm fustrated about her cause she was a nice and strange girl and now she is just a usual singer...

Sam and Lauren | Reviewer: Sam and Lauren | 3/14/08

hi im sam, and im lauren and we just love avril lavigne. we love her soo much that we decided to sing this song for our skool talent show. we r soo excited and hope that we go throug to the finals, tnx avril for ur wonderful songs!!!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S & L Girls with Roses (thats our name)

... xox | Reviewer: xox'd | 2/23/08

wow... amazing song.. just goes to show you how well a song can be written and then sung to make many heartfelt memories for viewers... i just wanna say that no matter what avril will always be my favourite... very heartfelt and just so inspirational...

AVRIL! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

She rocks, and gf and hot don't make her suck! She still is the real avril! She goes through phases. She wears one thing for a really long time, then decides she needs to change it.

WOW | Reviewer: Taylor | 1/29/08

I am one of the biggest fans of her music,but was dissapointed wit her newest album,its kinda.....well,ordinary,whatd u expect from artists in this times.whatever,i love her still...
this is me and my friend shelbys theme song!

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

hey guys .. please stop saying that you miss the old Avril lavigne... it's like everything.. you have to change and grow up.. i love her new album specially the song Innocence .. she has a beautiful voice and she is always gonna be one of my favorites :)

amazing!!! | Reviewer: some girl | 1/24/08

I just L-O-V-E this song!! The lyrics are so storng and just fit in perfectly.Everytime I hear this song I feel like I am flying in a sky of sadness.
Avril Lavigne ROCKS!!!

Relative love | Reviewer: Madhatter | 1/15/08

I love this song sooo much. I'm singing it at my school's talent show, it just fits so well, and it's so pretty. I do miss the 'old' Avril, tho. Maybe now that the best damn thing has left, she'll be normal again? With that beautiful voice, why waste it on that?

true | Reviewer: claire | 1/13/08

This song is amazing. It fits me so well. Even so much that i dont want to listen to it, or have it ringing in my ears all day long. But i still do knowing that sooner or later i will half accept everything that i dont want to happen in my life.

Avril ROCKS!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

I loveee Avril Lavigne!!! I've been a fan of her ever since she realesed her very first album!!! she is just the most AWESOME chick, she helps me through EVERYTHING!!! I can never get bored of her songs, they're just so deep and meaningful! although I love her old album "Let Go" more than her newer album "The Best Damn Thing" so, yes...but she still ROCKSSSSS!!!!

I agree | Reviewer: amy | 1/11/08

I think her songs were really good but now girlfriend and Hot make her suck soooo much, they are good songs but i feel she is completely hiding her real self.

I love this song, she uses such strong lyrics