:) | Reviewer: Sweet Sacrifice | 11/30/07

Oh this song is perfect.Avril is the best of the best {}{}{} makes me wanna cry ... makes me so sad

great! | Reviewer: migz orion | 11/24/07

this song reflects me.. ouch, just like the song...theres something that i want...! you rock avril.. simple amazing^_^ peace out!

Go Avril! | Reviewer: Zay | 11/25/07

*Sigh* If only THIS Avril was with us again. I feel the need to mourn the girl who's singing Girlfriend to us these days; she used to be really cool. This is one of my favorite songs to scream along with when I'm just feeling crazy and I love it. It's just sad that Avril is capable of great stuff like this, but she chooses to waste her time singing about "the best damn thing."

meaningful | Reviewer: Lindsay | 11/22/07

Avril has done it once again! This song is so inspiring and I can relate to it so well, that I am going to sing it in my school's talent show. But I do have to admit that no one (not even me) can replace Avril's beautiful, extremely recognizable voice. God bless you, Avril!

<3 | Reviewer: Becca | 11/20/07

i love this song like crazzy...i want the old Avril back.. =[ stupid fucking new Avril sucks..sorry but it's true..i miss the old her. *tear*

great song! | Reviewer: e.m.o | 11/20/07

This is really an emotional song, a song full of feelings. I really like it and I can relate to it very well. Avril was great too, unfortunately she 's not anymore

eMo song | Reviewer: porkee eMo | 11/16/07

I love avril. I love this song so much. It's an emotional song. Full of feelings. Im touched. Im sad. Im Inspired. Every love has its own wings. What can we do about it? Let it fly and find its own nest. Hope the nest won't ruin. At this case it's starting to be destroyed. And it's really tragic. Losing someone you love can really turn your life upside down. What can we do about it again? Learn from it. Fix our wings. And fly away. Love you guys. =)

Avril is freakin awesome | Reviewer: Kanga Shelton | 11/4/07

Hey mates, Avril was my inspiration to go out there and sing. And look where it got me. IM FAMOUS!!! If you haven't heard of me that's because I'm famous in Australia. But Avril is awesome and I hope she never stops singing.

coool song | Reviewer: none ya | 10/19/07

yoo i love this song its like awesome!! haha anyway ... did miley cyrus really like right something on heree?? anyway... this is a pretty cool song

keep it up avril !!!

i LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: maria | 10/9/07

this song is one of my favourites...Its very meaningful... when i hear it it makes me wanna cry! its PERFECT!

Wow | Reviewer: Ashley R.V | 9/27/07

I've had this album since i sheepishly brought it from HMV a few years back. Albums come and go, but this track in particular means i frequently re-load it into my cd player. I relate so much to this song. Thanks Avril, you changed my life.

- Ashley Robinson, UK.

avril rocks? | Reviewer: miley | 9/25/07

hey i love any thing but ordinary it is like ma favrot song i wish i sang that song avril lavinge you ROCK i am miley cyrus and i wish you where avril cyrus JK but this i somebody talking for mizz.cyrus lol well ttyl laetr

ace | Reviewer: tom | 9/21/07

her best song by far! i got the album with this on when i was about seven and i loved it immediately

A very meaningful song. | Reviewer: Sierra | 9/11/07

This song has so much meaning. I take these lyrics to heart, it's like my theme song.

This song rocks!!!! Marianne Faye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/07

this song really rules... Avril ROCKS!!!! this song really speaks to me... This song is my fave song.. yeah!!!!