Avril.. | Reviewer: Alyssa | 5/5/07

This song is amazing, Its so true.. why spend your life being normal.. its the people who are unordinary who bring out the best in the world..
Stay Fricken Sweet Avril, your absolutly amazing!

i lav it <3 | Reviewer: TessaaH <3' AvriL | 5/1/07

oooH !!
The song is soooo great <3
i Looove it !!
i Lav ya <3

TessaH <3

OMG OMG OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

My Mate told me bout this song, i watched it on a google thingy and now im hooked! My mate has such good song sense!

Why be ordinary? | Reviewer: missy | 3/5/07

this song fits my life right now, nothing in my life has ever been normal for me, and that's why I love Avril, most of her songs I can relate to

so true | Reviewer: billie | 2/28/07

i have recently expeirianced a terrible loss, of someone very young.

i am all for just being a rebel and doing what you want. because she never really got the chance to live, so i'm making my life double as worth it. for her.

come one people, will all gotta realise, lifes too short. get out there make the most of it and ENJOY it!!

about anything but ordinsry | Reviewer: krissy | 2/25/07

i think that it is one of the best songs and it touches my heart. i really felt what avril ment and i can relate to the lyrics

~_~ <3 | Reviewer: Liesse | 2/13/07

This song really represents what a lot of us do everyday including me and this is the perfect song for me and it practicaly tells my daily story!!!

Avril ROCKZ | Reviewer: 47 | 2/21/07

Avril is a good friend, Her songs rock she does rock too. Shes a cute girl who sing and deserve some real awards of her hardwork. I like all of her songs course it does mean something intresting, well this song is one of my favourites and will be one for ages course it tells very much about the life.

~__~&@( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/07

i love this song and well it describes 1 of my "friendz" i love it and u rele shudnt watse ur life bcuz u only get 1 chance of live and well u shud make the bes of it! HAVE FUN

Anything But Ordinary Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/06

This song is really mature for Avril's first album. I could understand if it was like on her second, and i can't understand why she didn't release it as a single. Its definitely a awesome song!

avril rock!! (rochi) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/06

hey, i love avril lavignes songs u should try them!!

I Do Laugh My Self To Sleep..haha | Reviewer: Miss Goth | 5/9/06

yeh this so is so cool.. it relates to me as well...

it is a 9 and 3/4 from me!!

I don't wanna be ordinary | Reviewer: Karina | 2/19/05

Great song, we waste our lives, and don't realise it. Avril can really sound like she means it when she wants, shes singing like she really doesn't want to be ordinary, I don't

anything but ordinary simply true | Reviewer: sharada | 12/1/04

this is so true we just have one life and how we waste it around we just live and never realize till its very late ,we are so much bound to the rules and norms of this society where every expects something out of u and u just think out of the box , i dont know if it our schooling , our parents or is it us !!!!

this is my all time favourite song
this song relates so much to how i feel and for wht i'm


Why be ordinary? | Reviewer: Andy | 10/28/04

I love this song too and tho I'm probably older than the typical Avril fan I can still relate whole heartedly with the sentiment as it reflects how I've lived my life. We all only live once so why be Ordinary? What does the world gain from you if you do... well, yeah, it keeps on being ordinary but isn't in the un-ordinary souls who progress the world, who take it to new places? I think so. Avril has surprising insights for one so young (and I mean that with the greatest respect).