Your My Inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Avril Lavigne, Your are Awesome, I'm Your #1 Fan...Lol like everyone say's.

Your an Inspiration, Your Songs have true Meanings, I know Your VERY famous but Were all the same. We all want to be Anything but Ordinary...


Kourtney Ruben

my song | Reviewer: violet | 10/23/09

this song is the song of my life. it's like when ur sitting there and a song comes on and all the words fit bc it's ur life put into word well this song is mine bc thats how it feels :D

Avril | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/09

I so love this song! It really reminds me of myself. And people, you should accept that people grow older. I mean, I don't think when you're 25 you would still walk around in the skater clothing? Ofcourse I was shocked when I saw the "Hot" video. But yeah, I listen to all of her songs except that one =P You Rock Avril!!! <333

Avril u rock!!! | Reviewer: Carolina | 9/21/09

She's the best singer ever. What a pity she's changed her ways of clothing. I loved when she used to wear her hair darker and his clothes were perfect. She is perfect,beautiful and thanks to her gift to sing ... the famous Avril Lavigne entered my heart years ago... This record... LET GO is my favourite although My Happy Ending is one of my favourite song... this record has many beautiful songs from I'm with you to Unwanted...
I will never forget being in the wonderful show in Buenos Aires (2005) !!! I have always wanted to be like her... her eyes, her hair and her body... :D Keep going on Beautiful Avril (L)

avril rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

ok! i love avril, i have all of ther oldies songs and even the new ones (yes i do xD)
yeah, she changed bla bla bla, everyone does it... her new album is kinda fun and boring(when you lisent to it everyday) but this songs never get me bored! i hope one day she realizes how much fan like her older songs than her new ones.
PS: i love her clother, though xD

Shes my idol and shes incredible! | Reviewer: Anna | 4/19/09

there are so many things i could say about avril lavigne! #1 i admire her becuase she is a rocking hard ass that proves u dont have to be involved in drugs to be a rocker! she also alike with pat benetar joan jet and stevie nicks shows that grls can rock just as hrd as guys #2 great style! ttly punk style that isnt trampy! its fun and shows who she really is~ #3 incredible voice! this grl has got a voice! i have a great voice too and like i personally think i sound alot like her and when i hear the range she has in her songs it just "knocks me of my feet" AVRIL I LUV U! UR THE BEST! KEEP ON ROCK N GIRLY!

Avril Rocks | Reviewer: Brooke | 2/24/09

Avril Lavigne has amazing songs and an amazing personality to match she is totally "anything but ordinary" her songs are "the best damn thing" that I have ever heard NO ONE can say "I can do better" because she is as good as it gets AVRIL ROCKS!!

Avril Whilbey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/09

Avril has changed a lot through her years. Shes an extrodanary person
she dosent relize im her biggest fan from her teenage years. I love the song "Anything But Ordianary" Its great. Avril If you happen to read this Im Caitlyn. Ur awsome

love avril | Reviewer: Inu | 2/3/09

Avril have changed a lot, but you guys have to understand, she grew up, she getting older. She makes music that the record company wants, she don't write about her personality anymore, that's why her new music kinda boring. I like the song "When you're gone" in her new album, it's so beautiful. I miss the old Avril too, and I still love her anyways
(err, sr for my bad english)

i don`t care | Reviewer: yuna | 1/21/09

hi avril!!!! if u would accidentally click this site.... and read this shout of my heart, then,,,,,you would probably know how much i like you even though you`ve changed...i really do appreciate all of your songs and your different sense of style ....i like those words of yours,,,it rhymes in an exact meaningful reality!!!!!
you rock..!!!.and it keeps on going...!

my theme song | Reviewer: Laura | 1/13/09

this song really speaks to me, it's like my theme song. i listen to it allll the time. i've decided that i'm going to choreograph a ballet piece to preform at my academy's end of term festival. thank you avril!! xoxoxo

anything but ordinary | Reviewer: elexa | 11/8/08

wow....this song really makes my heart beat so fast..i just heard it a couple of days ago since i just hook to the new songs of her, but honestly this song is the best of all songs she had sung and rocks!!!!!!!!

Miss your real self | Reviewer: Serenity | 10/7/08

This is/was one of my favorite songs by her, I really don't understand why she changed to a bubblegum pop singer, she had so much more personality when she made these songs from the album Let Go. I mean, I understand that things change but it seems she changed for the worse.

This is the best song on earth! | Reviewer: katie | 9/28/08

I think tjis song has so many things to think about when you listen to it. I mean is IT enough to love? Is IT enough to breath? I think the songs moral is You only have one life and don't be ordinary, stand out in the croud! If you think the same thing please e- mail me on your feelings.

Is it Enough | Reviewer: Howee | 8/14/08

I love this song! So deep, So inspirational, it's a bit rebellious(which i love) so TRUE!!!!!!!! Avril speaks out with her music and tells the truth in these songs. She says the things that not everybody WANTS to hear but should hear to get a WAKE UP CALL!