Hey aventura | Reviewer: Claudia | 11/20/07

omg i acnt belive i m writting to aventura i really want to go to one of ur concerts i wish u can come to chicago again and go to my house to visit me i really like ur songs plz come i want tosee al of the aventura guys they are really hotttt can u give me one of VIP tickets when u come to chicago thanxxxx and i love u guys

hey sexy | Reviewer: wendoly | 9/13/07

hey its me remember last night

yo guys where u at ?! | Reviewer: sachy | 8/29/07

Hola papi tonga's te queiro alot! #1 AVENTURA FAN!!!!!! I hope just at least 1 day i can c ya guys. I'm trying to save money for the concert in NY. But let's c. Hopefully romeo gives me a kiss. I wish!!!!!!! Aiight bye I'll keep writing.

Hey Sexy Papi ! | Reviewer: Ashley | 8/17/07

Hey whats up, just to let you know that you are the most sexiest man on earth and i love your lips, and your voice...I love your music, my favorite is "Los Infieles" i love that song, i dont know why its a cheating song, but anyways i love it anyways...Te amo !!! ~Ashley~

Sexiiz | Reviewer: Anita | 7/28/07

hi well i just caint describe words for this group they are so GREAT. and not to mention the men especially ROMEO n HENRY!!!!Ahhhh im in love with romeo!!!!!!!!!!! if n e body has the OFFICIAL Biography of these 4 guyz plz email them to me my email is tx_lonelygirl07@yahoo.com THNKS

"please Romeo" | Reviewer: Diana | 7/25/07

Hi Rome I am in love with your music I dance it and sing it. If you could give me the lyrics of the song Un Beso.

Hey Cuties | Reviewer: Celeste | 7/16/07

HI Romeo,Henry,Mikey,Lenny Kings of Bachata your songs are real life! What yah sing happens to lovers. I would like one day to meet all of yah... Best Bachata Ever. I never been in any of ur concerts but i seen dvd's and they look great yah break record. Hope to see yah soon in HOuston, TX. If i have money!!!!

My baby's | Reviewer: Melanie | 7/11/07

hola amorcito's omg i love you guys so much i wish i could meet you guys one day and become very good firends with you guys, but anyway i just wanted to say que los amo a todos and say that you all are hot. Aventura is the best. VIVA LA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA. I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i give you my heart.
Bye amorcito's los queiro MLANIE

hi anthony is me stephanie who are they wish ya, | Reviewer: stephanie batista | 7/8/07

pealse te amo con mi amor this best allways send you. do masking send at massges does are love ya.
peace out who is this best are in are in here is.


romeo | Reviewer: jazmin | 5/26/07

please say yes romeo is so cute someone i need lyrics of the song angelito