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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Don't Be Idiots | Reviewer: Broken Heart | 4/8/09

This Song Is About Love. For All Those People Who Keep Saying It's About God Go Listen To Something Else. This Music Isn't For You. Apparently You Don't Know Anything About The Band Or Their Awesome Music. Avenged Sevenfold Is The Best Band Out There.

Songs Great | Reviewer: RubIKoN | 2/19/09

I can how the christians might think it's about God..but, it's very unlikely after you learn of what the band is all about..if anything i'd say it could be about a g/f or even his own mother,who cares,if you roman catholics actually researched your religion you'd understand it's all lies. even back in "jesus' time" there were historians, none of which ever recorded his existance, god was made up to bring faith to those in despair..the bible was made to teach "christian" morals, but if i dont't believe in god,satan is bullshit aswell, Satan was a character made to represent evil intentions/actions, and hell was created to discourage/scare you out of committing sin. While God represents all things right(doesnt mean good, or the best things to do) and heaven is a way to convince you that if you are a good person you will spend eternity in an amazing place other than eternity in hell(another way of discouraging sin)..even just consider the idea of reincarnation, the church rejected it because if we had an infinite amount of chances for life our mentality would be "what do i have to lose?"..if it doesnt jump out at you than do some research,I'm not attacking anyones character here, christians have their right to faith, but consider this, faith is illogical,even though you been taught to believe without seeing, you're all just being nieve, Faith= Believing In False Illogical Information
Believing In False Information=(adj.)Dillusional
thus...To have faith=To be dillusional
and no i'm not dillusional myself, i just don't believe in unlikely dieties, conspiracies, and lies(thus, i'm the opposite..YAY:))..another thing,if you don't want your faith contested, don't put it on the line,besides, isn't your reward in heaven? the meek shall inherit the earth? or is it survival of the fittest?..cause personally,i believe the best developed humans will survive..not the sad ones..but either way it's a great song, and if you like softer music like this I'd go with Dashboard Confessional, chris carrabba has to have a better singing voice, but there aren't any hardcore/aggressive songs by DBC
Getting really off topic here..This is continuing the topic of religions(It's immoral to seriously try and convert someone)

"athiest f.t.w."? Athiest is logical,but it's also juss another way of saying "I don't know which religion is right, so i'd rather not worship at all" and maybe a hint of feeling embarrassed may be followed by the idea of believing in a diety..but, those who juss believe in a diety because their friends or family do are just nieve..those who make the above example(about athiests)are forcing themselves into a life of ignorance(if youefuse to believe in fear of picking the wrong religion)..I'm an athiest aswell, i don't worship a diety, but with an IQ of 155 i've thought about why the universe exists many times, but like everyone else(if someone somewhere knows this and doesn't tell anyone they're assholes), i haven't been able to come up with a possible AND logical explanation, because the universe is constantly expanding, if you reverse time far enough our universe would have a mass of 0(this is what expanded during the big bang)..but what could have started the expansion of this "nothingness"? would have to exist outside of our dimensions(outside of our universe)..and because the universe is constantly expanding, untill we can reverse time to the beginning and survive to tell the story we won't ever know the truth of whether a diety exists or not. But out of any religion, Buddists have it right(im not a budhist btw) because they don't believe in a diety, just an ideology to live your life by..and for the record(if you're still reading this)if you do the research for the roman catholic religion, you'll see that out of any of the religions, christianity is the least likely to be true..but as i explained earlier im just an athiest searching for something tangible(just like the rest of you)..but in my opinion, religion/faith is only around for those who can't deal with the facts, and if i was oblivious to the truth than i would prefere faith aswell. but how could you feel happiness/pain after death when your brain(required to release the chemicles for you to feel emotion) isn't functional?..If we all had souls, wouldn't it have been found, put in a text book and classified as a vital organ by now? it hasn't because your soul isn't's like when people say "you stole my heart", it means one person feels passionate about another, not that they don't have a heart.."you have a good soul" means you have good intentions,not an invisible supernatural link to "God"..In fact I believe,as with the phrase about you're heart being stolen, you're "soul" just referres to how tainted/innocent your concius mind may be,and overtime religions like catholicism took it literally and developed a whole new meaning(very unlikely but they gave it a shot)...thus,to believe you're soul is some link to God,would mean you believe a stealing someones heart should be considered murder right? maybe one religion may be proven right..untill than i believe religion is just a rediculous way preventing you from pursuing the truth(you think you're right so you won't prove yourself wrong in fear it will ruin your faith,while it's actually just opening your eyes), to teach you things society won't(i.e. good morals and values),and to help you through those days of dispair the sameway a parent would protect their children from harm and danger, by shielding them from the truth(and we are all children untill we see how corrupt and horrible ones life could be)...personally all the die hard catholics i've met have NEVER read the bible. I usually know more about their own religion than they atleast look into what you're living your life for..Im Outa Here if anyone read all this and has some questions or would like to discuss this topic, email me at if you're that asshole who knows the truth and is keeping it a secret..fuck you:D

ninick say...: | Reviewer: ninick | 1/18/09

this song is the best song i ever heard
I just cry when I listen to it
I just think of all what I want to happen and it makes me cry cause it will never happen =(
this song make me think of a lot of sad things

and stop thinking it's a song for god... I just don't see how this song can be for god...

Great Song | Reviewer: Toxic Terror | 1/10/09

This is probably one of the best A7X songs. i played and sang it to my girlfriend and she loved it. if only more bands had songs like this. It reminds me so much of my gf that when we are not together i just play it an it reminds me so much of her that when i hear it everything is all good. I love you Michelle

the song | Reviewer: iamnotblind | 1/5/09

hay Sword Mistress, dont preach to me about what MY BAND WROTE A SONG ABOUT. i know these boys, ive been a fan since 1999. EST 6661 bitch! A7X doesn't write songs about God, they aren't a religious band, as someone on here already pointed out. Even though their named derived from the bible. They have a song called Dear God but THAT'S ABOUT THEIR GIRLFRIENDS TOO! AH HAH! this song is about Valary Dibenedetto, Matt's WIFE, end of story. end of discussion. lets go back to the normal people agreeing that its a beautiful song, and if i ever got married, it would be at my wedding too.

the song | Reviewer: noone | 1/5/09

this song isnt about GOD its about VAL...Matt Sander's WIFE! ....
all you weirdo people who think this song is about God, should probably take the advice from an actual A7X fan, and someone whos MET the man, multiple times. Go look up a picture of his wife, shes got GREEN EYES! shes BEEN THERE WITH HIM SINCE SIXTH GRADE...theres two lines solved for you right there.

The beauty of music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

See the beauty of music is that to everyone the lyrics hold a different meaning. To some it's the love between two people, to some it's the love that they share with God. Either way the lyrics are sweet and nice. I don't think it's one of Aevenged Sevenfold's bests but whatever.

WTF... | Reviewer: $MFG | 12/21/08

omfg you people are complete idiots...

this song is not in any way shape or forum related to god/gods love for humans/ or any of that bs yall trying to feed everyone..
it is clearly about the love between two ppl.. how can you all be so damn blind.. take your religions and shove them up your a$$! ATHEIST FTW! the only thing that truley makes sense

poetry. | Reviewer: Ari | 12/8/08

music is poetry, no matter how you look at it, it's a reflection of words and the reader is to derive their own meaning from what the author, or muscian claims or states.

if you believe this to be about Love, or about God. so be it. Poetry is to strike a certain cord with the reader and their past experiences and what they feel strongly about.

If you feel strongly about Love, so be it.
If you feel that this song is dedicated to God, so be it. it's what you choose to hear.

You christians are retarded | Reviewer: HATER | 12/5/08

Hello! how can you people possibly depict that JESUS CHRIST has Hazel and Green Tinted eyes? (READ THE FIRST LINE. GOD GAVE YOU PEOPLE EYES TO SEE AND READ and apparently, UNDERSTAND)
you havent seen the fella unless its in your dreams, and dreams, are made in your sleep by your imagination. So if you dreamt god to have those eyes, it doesn't mean he/she really do have them.

PLUS! when they wrote the song, i HIGHLY DOUBT they were thinking about god.


err | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/08

my sister said A7X wrote the song while on tour because they were missing their girlfriends and stuff. i think its all about love & stuff, not god, but i guess everyone has their own perception & opinion. i don't think it was meant to have religious meanings.

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

this song clearly isnt about god. at what point in the bible does it say god as hazel green eyes?? i do believe its nowhere. fucking god loving fools. atheists clearly know what we are chatting about.

Hm | Reviewer: K | 11/25/08

I dont think this song is about beleiving in God/religion because a7x is not a religious band and i think personally not religious themselves (they said they have their own beleifs,not religious ones) - zacky is athiest i know that much and the rev seems agnostic, and dont forget as a band they like to break boundaries and take the piss out of things like religion so, they can have a bit of religious ideas in their songs but not because of beleiving in that stuff - just giving their own ideas about it.
In my opinion i think its about a relationship - where someone has found someone that they can finally trust deeply, finally open up their heart to and show vunerability, and feels secure - mentally and emotionally, that their parnter will never leave (and really does love them - true love) because its been proven when theyve had alot of ups and downs, some by said person.

FAITH | Reviewer: Lucas | 11/24/08

Have faith in God my friends, believe and You shall See how wonderfull He is in all His Glory.
I used to be a metalhead with no direction..and then I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father in my life, thats when I truly understood this song. PS: It is also me and my gf's song... as queer at this may sound :)

You people are blind | Reviewer: Sword Mistress | 11/18/08

how can you all believe that this song is about boy friends, girl friends and all your family that you lost. no it's not, far from it. if anyone has ever read the Bible you think you would see that it is talking about God's love, humans are meant to lean on God for strength and follow him and give everything up, that's where the good and bad times come from because everyone has heart ache. and he is always there for you, the proper thing to do is to give your heart to him

ta da .. isn't that so hard to see?

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