Reviews for Unholy Confessions Lyrics

Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Who Cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/08

Man i love A7X. but dude bfmv isnt bad. neither is Atreyu. Alll those bands rule no matter what u guys think.
P.S (my best friend can play all the songs on guitar, apart from about 3-4. And he has the custom version of syn' gates signature guitar. Lucky B*^#h)

just saying... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/08

Probably my favourite song by A7X. It's just a shame that they won't play more of their earlier stuff from Waking the Fallen at the shows anymore.. They came to New Zealand a few years back to promote City of Evil and they did then, but a couple a months back (Bullet warmed the stage for them then btw) this was the only older one they played..

bullet | Reviewer: brandon | 8/7/08

i liked one song by bullet, that was it, a7x blows bullet away by a long shot, all bullet sings about is some bitch breaking their hearts, they make me want to be an emo little bitch and cut myself when i hear them... they are crap... a7x for the win.

Pathetic! | Reviewer: Mrs 13 (; | 7/2/08

Seriously, you lot need to grow up, why are Bullet being discussed on here? They are both completely different bands and that should be appreciated.

I love both bands, however neither are my favourite. Does that mean I shouldnt be allowed on this page because my favourite band is Wednesday 13 or FDQ? I hope everyone reading this doesnt mind that A7X arent my favourite band but I am here writing this?

Thought I should check if that's okay with you? If not I expect to be flamed.

Stop being pathetic. Grow up.

A7X | Reviewer: Mrs 13 | 7/2/08

This is so stupid I looked down at people reviews and they are arguing whether Bullet is better!!??

Is there not the option of not thinking A7X are the best band ever here? A7X arent my favourite band, W13 and FDQ etc are..but I still adore this music, is that okay with you lot or am I going to get flamed for preffering another band and 'daring' to come onto this website?

Pathetic. Grow Up.

A7X rocks and B4MV | Reviewer: daniel00080 | 6/30/08

to the dude who said B4MV sucks ur wrong i went to see them in sydney and they rocked. casue A7X were better but they were the main band. b4mv rules but so does A7X. it anything atreyu sucked at the concert where they were playing in sydney lol :D but they still rock

BFMV rox, and so does A7x. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/08

NO reason to trash BFMV. They're another band, okay? They only suck to you.(Explains why so many people like them, including me!) You don't have to like them. I love A7x, and I'm learning to play this on my strat...amazing riffs! I ♥ this song!

amazng | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/08

this song is great all the members of a7x are so talented sysnter gates with his amzing guitar riffs and zacky vengeance the same m shadows has an amzing vioce johnny christ can destroy a bass and the rev is fucking amazing also

these guys really know how to write a good ass song and they have 4 amazing albums to prove it

oh come on! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/08

Bullet for my Valentine suck! i saw them live the other week with A7x and Atreyu and they are no comparison. All of BFMV's songs live sound exactly the same as they do on their CD, which is shit anyway but that isnt the point. the Live version is either meant to be better than the CD version or the band sucks being live. i swear to god it was as if they put the CD into the sound system and pretended to play.

Anyway. back to Avenged...
these blokes are excellent, M. shadows has a unique screaming tone and a distinct voice. my favourite band for sure. and to all those that say they sold out for singing? i think you guys should accept their decisions, especially if you are a true fan.

A7X | Reviewer: James G | 3/12/08

avenged sevenfold is the best band EVER!!!!The song unholy confessions is freaking AWESOME!!!!

A7x haters and all =) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

ok, for the record. A7X rocks! period thats it. I mean I have all their CDs and DVDs and a poster....(not obsevsive i swear!!) so yay, i also lisen to bullet, nirvana metallica, slipknot, system of a down, seether, underoath, madina....etc forever as you can see but i like mostly all music ECEPT COUNTRY i can never love it, eck! =P...and....were am i going with this again???.....well music in general rock ok

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

To the guy who siad "do your research listen to their first CD" Yeah, most the songs on that album are screamo but Warmness on the soul is on that CD, and how can you call that screamo?
But anyway. I love a7x and what I love most about them are their lyrics. They are captavating and always produce something different. I think A7x are one of the best bands around these days and are great!

AMAZING | Reviewer: synyster gates lover! | 1/25/08


let's check this out | Reviewer: -willfully unsavory- | 1/20/08

well, this song is pretty nice but there's sooo many and many and infinity bands much better than a7x.. i mean.. they have some songs amazing but they're still boring me. hey people.. listen ozzy, epica, saturnus, bullet for my valentine, cradle of filth, metallica, iron maiden, disturbed, krypteria, nightwish, lacuna coil.. listen them better. and there are another bands that i left.. keep rocking is the only most important thing that u can do better =). REGGAETON SUCKS BRUCE DICKINSON'S DICK!

<3 a7x | Reviewer: taylor | 1/16/08

<3 avenged sevenfold.. best band ever. i love the song warmness on the soul... no other band can do better. And all things will end~

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