Reviews for Unholy Confessions Lyrics

Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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-____- | Reviewer: RissaVengenz | 1/17/11

Can we all grow up please? Seriously, to can't compare Linkin Park to Avenged. They're different genres. Its like comparing Blink182 to Ke$ha. It doesn't work out. Your opinion on Avenged, whether it be good or bad, doesn't change what I thin about them at all. I'll be a fan until death. And that's because -I- love the music. If the LP fan doesn't like A7X, that's awesome! But that's YOUR opinion. People aren't clones, we don't all like the same thing. Avenged Fans, don't flip shit over stupid stuff. A7X should have taught you to not care what others think, do what you want, and don't let people get under your skin. That's their original message to the fans.

are you serious??! | Reviewer: Installer; A7X | 1/2/11

don't you fuckin' idiots even dare to compare Avenged Sevenfold to Linkin Park or any another pathetic band, it's just so funny after all!! The Rev, he was best drummer ever and we all know it!! Jimmy rest in peace

good song | Reviewer: ahoenkgates | 12/21/10

this is my first argument, this song can make me so high with their double pedal, dirty distortion, and drop tuning D , the characteristic tuning style of synyster fuckin' gates.
don't compare a7x with the bad fuckin' band like it !

one of the best | Reviewer: Alex | 12/15/10

ok guys. now what the fuck is happening ? a7x and LP ? c'mon. even you know it does not make any sense.
if you really wanna fight and compare, why don't you compare a7x and metallica? but wait, everyone knows metallica is better
okay how about avenged sevenfold and bullet for my valentine?

unholy confessions is a great song btw :)

Unholy Confessions | Reviewer: Vengence | 11/8/10

I've seen this band twice in concert and both times they blew my mind. At the second concert they did an encore of this song. It was amazing. This is my favorite song and always will be. Rest In Peace Jimmy.

A7x = BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! | Reviewer: The Rev Fan1 | 10/6/10

ok ok, this is my opinion, i know both bands have their skills but man come on is just dumb to believe that only because LP´s drummer uses just one pedal doesn´t means is more skilled jimmy could do lp songs only with his hands, both drummers are good but SERIOUSLY? everybody here just KNOWS that the rev is sooo much more skilled than LP´s drummer i mean just hear all the skill and complex things on avenged sevenfold songs, even i can do lp songs so easy but allright, now, the exactly same thing repeats with guitarrists i mean, ITS FUCKING SYNYSTER GATES y know what i mean? call me when LP´s guitarrist do afterlife´s solo (never) but both are pretty good, and know in vocals it happens EXACTLY THE SAME i mean (again) its m. shadows! we all know CB's nu-metal screams but LP´s fans know that he does a lot of shits with his voice in the studio, A LOT of things and do not negate it!, i mean listen to one studio LP song and then listen it live, many difference right?, know do it with A7X... i think they sound = good or even better! M.Shadows is truly one of the few that does the same or better awesome voice in both studio and live, i mean HIS VOICE IS AWESOME! SO yeah by now you probably know my favorite and idol band is A7X, oh yeah, my all-time idol and favorite drummer The Rev, was,is and ALWAYS will be my idol, my step-to follow dude, i know im truly one of his most loyal and best´s fans

Live at the LBC | Reviewer: Vic | 9/26/10

Had goosebumps from the atmosphere when I saw their performance Live at the LBC. You can't not like the song if you saw that performance. Pantera fans can reminisce some familiar beats in this one too. One of the better/more accessible tracks from their older stuff.

connected to the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/10

This was the first A7X i ever heard. this song introduced me into their other songs. It is truly one of my favorite songs of all time. and as for me whenever i hear an avenged sevenfold song i feel more connected to the band. The Rev will be missed now and forever.

A7X is just awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/10

Back when my sisters were into hard rock they introduced me to Avenged Sevenfold. From then on I became a fan. Being one who plays the drums, The Rev was/is my favorite member of the band. Not only for his skills as a drummer, he was also the funniest out of the group. Rest In Peace Jimmy.

dude under me | Reviewer: dude | 6/14/10

At first, learn how they shorten their name. It is A7X. But regardless to that, I totally support your opinion. Don't come here and compare Avenged to a shitty band like LP. These guys are brothers, they love making music. Avenged sevenfold is not just a band, its all a huge big family if you include all the fans, they are all lojal. I love A7X, From their first album to their last. These guys will always be my favourite guys in the whole world. And Matt had a minor troath surgery, it was the cause of screaming when they made their first album sounding the seventh trumpeth. He can't scream that much. That's also why they moved to SOFTER music. Besides that he and the band's music are very influenced by bands like Metallica, guns n roses, iron maiden etc. And The Rev, we all miss you...I'll support these guys until the day I die.

LP | Reviewer: BeloZero187 | 5/8/10

Fuck Linkin Park and their watered down poppy suburban youth mainstream bullshit. You can't even put LP in the same league as AX7. If LP is your cup of tea, that's fine. But don't throw them up to AX7. Outside of AX7, Pantera is probably the only other band that has truly kept rock raw and real, which has kept it alive.

LP has just blended alternative rock, hip hop and nu metal bullshit to appeal for mass audiences and sell records. They are the perfect example of an industry grown hybrid that capitalized off of the alternative/rap/nu metal genre that exploded in the early to mid-nineties with Limp Bizkit, SX-10, Body Count(Ice-T) and Cypress Hill.

voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

he didnt fuck up his voice thats bullshit...-.-
they just wanna do some other stuff.. it has nothing to do with his voice. his voice is fine.
or why does he scream on live performences?

awsome song. rip rev.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

He kinda did fuck his voice up, he got surgery because the doctor told him that if he continued to scream that he wouldn't even be able to talk in five years. It is also true that the band wanted to change their style from hardcore screamo to more hard rock/ heavy metal.

A7X FTW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/10

i absolutely love this song and every other song by a7x, in my opinion, they're the best band known to man the guitar in over 50% of the songs is fucking AMAZING and i love the fact that my favourite bad has the pleasure of embracing the talents of the 9th fastest guitarist ever!

... | Reviewer: Sparx | 3/2/10

for the record. M Shadows didn't 'Fuck his voice up' it was a conscious choice to not scream anymore. any 'fan' would know this as you would have seen 'all excess' in which the producer of Waking The Fallen and City Of Evil says this. and as for drummers. as much as i like A7X and The Rev is/was an amazing drummer. every drummer is different so saying one can 'beat' another is absolute stupidity. i personally think Dave Grohl is an amazing drummer (if you're 12 and think that he was only ever in the Foo Fighters do some research) and in the style of music i play Dave's drumming is more what i'd go for in musicality. if i was in a metal band then i would lean towards The Rev and other metal drummers. its all personal opinion. so before you run your mouth. grow up

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