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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Know your stuff | Reviewer: Matt | 4/11/13

in response to chandler, if you knew anything you'd know nightmare was written before the rev died, so they are not angry words, shadows has said before they are not a religious band

the members are Christians. | Reviewer: chandler | 3/18/13

I saw some really great answers. and I saw some pretty stupid answers as well. first off.. for the ones who think a7x aren't religious. where do you think they got their name from? if you're any fan at all, you'd know. Genesis 4:24. they have quite a few songs that come from the bible. chapter four, the wicked end, beast and the harlot, dear god... they have an album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet.. which came from revaluations. yeah, a7x does have a couple songs which might make you have doubts.. such as nightmare.. "hate to twist your mind, but god ain't on your side" but seriously, they just lost their best friend... their drummer... practically a family member.. I'd have some pretty angry, insulting words to say to him too. and even as a fan, I ask why he would do such a thing. Another would be God Hates Us. I've seen this on many reviews, saying they aren't hating on God. their simply not being afraid to speak their mind, the truth. he's put us through some bad shit. we've pulled through, but just look around. He sure as hell loves us, he did give his son up for our sins, but there is some hate somewhere in all that love. if you don't understand that, then walk on home, boy.
rest in peace, Jimmy the rev Sullivan.

Christian symbolism | Reviewer: Phillip | 10/8/12

They're using Christian symbolism to counter-weight the Devil/Music Industry/Illuminati. Often talks about fighting a greater power, he won't join their side, he's been seduce into joining only to end in deceit. These guys are extremely deep but not many people realize, it's cool to see the people have on this site

Piecing the puzzle together about Christianity in Avenged sevenfold songs. | Reviewer: David K. | 6/23/12

Ok, so many say Avenged Sevenfold is ANTI CHRISTIAN, or Atheist, This is false. Each song has a meaning, (Despite there fun songs like a little piece of heaven). I will define them here. To The End Of The Rapture- About the end of days, where all will die. Nightmare- Warning you about evil, and deceit while in hell "You should have known the price of evil". Buried Alive- A sinner who ends up going to hell, "I walk the fields through the fire" is saying he is living a bad life. God Hates Us- God loves and hates us all equally. Blinded in chains- The perspective of an atheist who is in hell. Dear god- a prayer for a girl whom he can't be with now. Fiction- The Revs goodbye letter. So far away- Synyster gate's answer to fiction. Any others i will post if wanted.

AX7 Say it like it is | Reviewer: PestilenceCure115 | 3/26/12

In the song "Blinded by chains" somewhere in the middle of the song they sing "Please help us, please save us, of course they have control we're all the same Up on the cross, crucified their problem, drove the nail and let Him rot"

No Christian would ever entertain the idea that Christ ever Rotted. His descent into hell after death was followed by his resurrection which leaves no room for the possibility of this band being pro Christ in any way. I am not stating an opinion about my thoughts on the matter. Just stating it the way it is.


A7X Do rule but are not christians! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/12

Avenged sevenfold clearly have a good overview on religion and politics but are not Christian! And also the song God hates us: is not about the fact god hates us but about the fact that if there is a god then he would love us all equally but hate us all equally aswell because of all the syns we commit. To end the rapture is a short and sweet song about the end of time. The flame of avenged sevenfold will never die out. RIP Jimmy 'the rev' sullivan.

Please Don't Overthink This | Reviewer: Brett | 8/4/11

This song is very clearly about "the end of days". Even if you look at the subject from a purely humanist/atheist point of view, it is fairly obvious that people aren't capable of living in peace, and will always escalate the horrors of war. Let's not forget starvation and disease. IMO the world will end far before the universe, and I think A7x gets that. This is a masterpiece of a song, and fits with the album perfectly. Christian or not, they seem to be open to the possibility of a higher power and seem to understand ultimate consequences. This is a truly great song, let's just leave it at that.
Off topic- God Hates Us is not an attack on God, but more of a wake up call to dogmatic believers. If God is just, he loves everyone, but hates everyone equally. Considering God does not hate... it is pretty self explanatory. People are misguided. Long live Avenged Sevenfold! Rip Jimmy.

about god hates us | Reviewer: sean | 7/20/11

the song is not acctualy about people hating god. a7x said the meaning of the song is to tell us that god created this world, he sees what we are and that sin will always be sin, and that even though god loves us, he also hates us.

GOD HATES US | Reviewer: Disturbed43216 | 5/12/11

I don't think they are a Christian band. Sure they have some biblical songs and some of the members are probably Christians (although probably not devout at all), but seriously what about the song God Hates Us? That song clearly attacks Christianity (taking a page out of Slayer's book).

When I saw them live in January Matt said in a very happy tone:

"I don't know what else to say but... Avenged Sevenfold is definitely going to hell for writing this song. And you are for listening to it. You too Aaren, especially you."

(BTW Aaren is their new drummer if you didn't already know that).

Personally I don't think they're are a Christian band, but think whatever you want. Music is written to be interpreted by the listeners.

A7X FTW!!!

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/10

so this is why i think A7X is Christian: their lyrics aren't the result of "copy-paste" from the bible, they read the bible and write their lyrics from a Christian's point of view. It's true they don't promote Christianity, they simply tell people the consequences of sin and doomsday etc, again, from a Christian's point of view (although they cuss and swear sometimes, it doesn't matter to me). And then The Rev wears a cross necklace. Even though wearing cross jewelries can't save your asses from hell, which idiot atheist/satanist/pagan or anyone wear cross necklaces if they don't believe that Jesus died on cross for them?

Epic song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/10

They aren't religious. I know that for a fact.
But it doesn't matter if they're religious or not, what matters is the music that they make and the music they make is some of the best music in the world and it is meaningful to them for whatever reason they want. It shouldn't matter if they're name is from the bible (which it is) or if they're religious or not. The fact is that they are a kick ass band. Nuff said.
RIP The Rev <3

derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr | Reviewer: Jordan | 10/6/10

They see the obvious signs of the end of times because they are intelligent let alone talented musicians...if people dont change their ways and quit being so fucked up the world will self destruct, not to mention all the biblical prophecies that have been predicted and are showing themselves with obvious presence....they're not mindless retards like most "people" that dwell on this earth...they believe in a higher power from their lives messed up journey...if you know anything about the bible and are intelligent it makes sense either you have it or you dont..just like their musical talent..i'm wasting my time because the world is full of ignorant turds who don't know their ass from a whole in the ground....we'll see in the end huh

OK HERES THE FACTS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/10

alright people heres the deal im not saying this is the truth this is what it really is im just sayin this is what i think it is....Sounding the Seventh Trumpet's whole cd and every sound is based on the book of revalations they all have biblical names they all are amazing point being yeah i guarantee they all fear, and beleive in our father in heaven and for doing so they were blessed with the ability to make really great dont agree what point can you make that proves other wise???

thats it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/10

avenged sevenfold made good music....thats a band is not jesus is simply a music band..good bands goods guys ....models or not this bands is greatness is...(its simply a bands) if you dont love this whrite at

STOP ARGUING FFS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

for all the idiots that think A7X are christian... THEY'RE NOT! Just get over it. Just because their songs and name are bible related it doesn't mean they're christians or any religion of sorts. That's kinda like saying Slipknot is called Slipknot therefore they are all knots... just no.

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