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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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My life story | Reviewer: Lyric | 6/22/14

I believe the song is about the boy who knows that there is incest between his father and sister and the father also lies with the mother.
The boy knows that someone else knows about it and the avenger kills the mother father and daughter. There is ice in his veins and he lost his family because of this great sin. But he wants revenge on the killer anyways.
I truly believe this is what the song means
I feel like the mom left because she knew what was happening but it was to late because she was killed anyways for staying silent

A7x Awesome | Reviewer: parker | 12/1/11

Love the song... the lyrics helped, but that last line that everyone is looking into.... it just an expression. "My story starts..." is the intro, "That's all she wrote" wraps it up in the ending. very real, very emotional, epic song.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/11

It's definitely about a boy's story for vengeance after he loses his mother to some outlaws, after losing his sister and father as well. Even though the line at the end doesn't necessarily mean the a girl is telling the story, it reminds me a bit of the little girl from True Grit.

03/12/2010 | Reviewer: MShadowZv | 12/3/10

This is the most heart warming song I have ever heard.
It somewhat has the ability of allowing the listener to paint a picture, A7x had. Fucking powerful song, my favourite Avenged Sevenfold song, even before the song 'Afterlife'.

Sigh | Reviewer: Peter | 10/25/10

You are all reading far too much into this with meanings, this is possibly their most clear cut song for lyrics. It tells a story straight up. A guys mother gets kidnapped, he has hope that he can find her, she ends up dead like his father and sister
He goes out for revenge
That's what the song means
It is especially nothing about Nazis no matter how much you think that would make sense, and i don't want to sound like a mean douche when i say that, but it's just not

"That's all she wrote" | Reviewer: Triston | 7/29/10

"That's all she wrote" doesn't necessarily mean a woman wrote it. It's commonly used to end a discussion, or an event with. For instance in a fight, one man get's knocked out, and the announcers would describe that as "all she wrote" meaning "it's allllllllllllll overrrrrrr!!!!"

My opinion | Reviewer: Zankde | 7/13/10

I don't know whether what I wrote is right or wrong. But I ever watched a documentary about Nazi. When the documentary explains about the genocide that done by Nazis, I heard a music that nearly the same with this song's intro and outro.

So in my opinion, this song explains a grudge that held in the heart of a woman that lost her family because of the genocide. Maybe Anne Frank? I don't know, but that's my opinion after I relate this with the documentary I watched.

storyline? | Reviewer: chip | 5/13/10

i kinda got a sumwut storyline after reading wut reviewer: mnemonic said

"I figured something out. "My story starts the day she can't be found"

At the end it says "That's all the wrote." If these are real lyrics, which I think they are (there's an incoherent sentence at the very end). This implies that the singer is detailing the story of whoever "she" is. "she" can't be found because she didn't die, and her body wasn't with the rest of her family."

im an aspiring actor/film maker and with wut he said let me kno wut u think:

sumone said she (mom/sis) cant be found...the girl goes missing so the guy (son/brother) remembers of a confrontation "she" had with sumone...he goes in search to look for that person...but before doing so he prepares and says bye to his wife n kids (or just wife/gf) and goes to his fathers and other sisters grave to let him kno he will find the last link to the family (her)...sooo he does and finds the guy and kills him but finds out it wasnt he is far from his home, all alone, killed a man, and is now a fugitive to the state...and we show her alive living sumwhere exotic because she just upped and left in search of a better life.....his story is that he fucked up his life by over thinkin things and acting on them b4 thinkin...good?

reason for it:
My story starts the day they said "she can't be found"
It's over, she's finished, mother lies with your father and sister too
Suicidal, I've never planned on coming back
Sitting in silence with heaven above me I prayed every night by their graves
While I search for closure I feel it no longer
I can't turn my cheek away
So far forever now alone, a greater punishment on me has been imposed
A killer falling from the light, I miss my family, I'll never be alright
Thats all that she wrote


if u like email me at and give comments/criticsm on the story which i will write and film...thanx


Vengence | Reviewer: Jericho | 5/13/10

I must say this is by far one of their best, Shadows has one of those voices you NEVER forget and you love more every time you hear it. Not to mention the amazing lyrical ability of this band.
We will miss you Rev

fabulous song. | Reviewer: Candy | 3/4/10

Avenged Sevenfold has really nailed this song. Not only is the instrumental aspect of it great, the lyrics are deep and definitely paint a picture. For my English class, we had to pick a theme song for our most recent class book (First they killed my father). I didn't really like the book, but i chose this song and I think it illustrated it beautifully.

Certain things | Reviewer: Hunter | 2/23/10

In my mind.. everytime i listen to this song, i think of punisher.. but then again, i think of a woman who has lost everything.. because if you look at the last line it says "Thats all she wrote" they are implying that a woman has wrote all this. so yea.. a chick version of the punisher, thats my opinion.. great song to play shooting games to.. kinda ironic thou, right?

Powerful Song | Reviewer: Kira | 2/9/10

This song is such a perfect portrayal of vengeance. I love how this songs makes me feel the powerful emotions of an avenger, who wants justice for his family, but in the end finds himself alone and a sinner. A7X is the best, all their songs are so awesome. I hope A7X continue and find someone that is good (but can truly never replace) as The Rev. RIP The Rev. We'll miss you.

Oh My. | Reviewer: Ryder Ann | 1/9/10

I don't know (perhaps its the fact that i'm in band at highschool) but the first minute or so of this song and the ending captivates me and really pulls me in. The use of all the orchestral instruments is something I love to hear in rock music which is why I love this band so much.
Truly awesome song. It sounds like something that would be in a movie, as do almost all of their songs.
If they ever tour again i'm going to go see them in concert for sure.

Lovely, powerful, and somewhat ironic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

This is a great song. It is very powerful and has a lot of meaning to it. Suicide and murder are terrible. I have, well had, friends that have been killed or commited suicide. I cried and prayed by their graves.
and isn't it ironic, and very depressing, that The Rev just died...

WOW | Reviewer: Antoine67 | 9/9/09

I am in a band and we love play a7x. Its my favorite group! Lyrics are very good, synyster gates is incredible, Drummer is fast, Shadows sing like GOD!!Well its the best music band in the world.

I love this part <<I can't turn my cheek awAAAaaay>> ! XD

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