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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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awesome | Reviewer: max | 7/3/07

i love this song!! it rocks! but it is really sad! i just dont like how sad it is!! but the guitar player is awesome!!!!

Strenght of the world | Reviewer: Freddy the scars | 6/29/07

This song is awesome and btw i mention that all of there awesome song came from the bible

nothin like a good 9:16 song | Reviewer: John | 5/26/07

I love this song. An added bonus is the obvious length. STRENGTH OF THE WORLD! PS How hard is it for people who submit these lyrics to just look them up on the musicians site, or inside the cd? There is no excuse for flaws in these lyrics.

:) | Reviewer: a7x is the sh*t | 5/20/07

Best song ever...the new album will be SWEET.....and the DVD comes out in mid june...i cant wait to see synyster fucking gates in it....shit, i cant wait to see everyone in it

------ About the song Strength Of The World performed by Avenged Sevenfold | Reviewer: Pez | 5/19/07

This song is one of their best, deffiantley always gives me a good feeling when i listen to it or play it, anyway at the end shadows says "thats all that she wrote" only thing you missed off

sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

this songs intro sounds exactly like to end the rapture on their first album

Intro | Reviewer: Ryan | 4/23/07

God this song has one of the best intros i've ever heard.

your gay | Reviewer: kim | 4/5/07

It's over, she's finished, mother lies with YOUR father and sister too

omg | Reviewer: Tera | 3/9/07

mmmmmm i luv this song..i luv every song
i hope A7X keeps puttin out these awesome songs out...they've done a really good job these past few years..all there songs bring me to tears
keep up the good work:) :) :)

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