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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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nuts | Reviewer: rouseo | 8/16/07

this song is nuts!!!! the only band ive seen pull of a melodic solo like this is guns n roses with there november rain. its the same for the sounds like a7x put a lot of work into this song and i hope they come out with another one like this.. when my friend showed me i never would have thought that they would do a song like this. its a really nice song and effective video... nice work a7x

DAMN great!! | Reviewer: Bahari | 8/4/07

It's really really good damn fucking song!!!
Fuck love u guys!! AX7

A7X delivers! | Reviewer: elixir10 | 8/3/07

Now, I've been a huge A7X fan since they came out with Waking The Fallen, but when I heard City of Evil, I was extremely pleased with their new melodic singing approach, replacing the growls that characterized their first records. Now, don't get me wrong, Waking The Fallen is a good album, but City of Evil far surpasses it. (I'm sick of reading about how Avenged Sevenfold "used to be good" but sucked when they changed their style. Well they did, and as a result now they're even better)

As for this song, I always thought metal bands couldn't do ballads. That was the one thing that kept me from totally immersing myself into metal as an artist. Well, this song proved me wrong, and so I think I can be a metal musician while writing excellent ballads such as this.

I love everything about this song, but the things I love most are the piano, which helps to set the mood for the song, the guitar solo that complements the sadness of the song so beautifully, and the heartfelt vocals that deliver the beautifully written lyrics and make me feel this song so strongly. M. Shadows is an excellent metal vocalist, and this song makes me think he is the best right now.

Long live A7X!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

this song is awesome. and Syn's guitar solo sounds soo awesome and its simple to play on my electric guitar (for a solo that is) A7X deserves everyones respect for this awesome song!

Seize The Day | Reviewer: mark lewis baunton | 7/20/07

this is a master peace gd song gd video and lyrics theres only certain songs only that give this the way its is i only found guns n roses and dis guys 2 do the same for this video like novemberrain aka stuntboy2k7 singer and songwriter

love love love loveee. | Reviewer: Jess | 7/14/07

I love this song so much.. =(
Its so sad, and the video is too.
Don't critisize, why the fuck would you?

YES! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

This Song is the FUCKING GREATEST SONG EVER!+ it has a gnarley guitar solo.

luv this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

this is a amazing song i really personnaly love it , it makes me think about how u have 2 spent the most time with the ppl u love because they may not always be there!!!

love ya | Reviewer: snickers | 7/7/07

lizzy what the hell!! what is wrong withyou stop with the personal attacks. Bitch take a time out andtake a breather. they are what they inteperated of this song you have no right to critasize it. i am sore there are people who think your idea is totally stupid but they are keeping their mouth shut so shut up and mind your own fucking buissiness

love it | Reviewer: kayleigh | 7/9/07

this song is great but it scares me in a way cos my fiance is in prison and the words are really true im gona keep my bloke away from his dick head mates when he gets out and im gonna treasure everyday with him and people should learn never take advantage of loved ones and if your gona do something stupid think of them first cos it hurts to see a loved one taken away from you, i just hope i never die in a car crash on my way to see my you john masi! love your little princess kayleigh xxxx

10 out of 10 | Reviewer: Snickers | 7/5/07

ok chill out,they know its not just about dieing. You should not be complaining abut other peoples review anyway. Yes I relize I am doing it too, but come on this person is being a real asshole for being so critical of others thoughts. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinon,evan if it was wrong(which it isn't)you have no right to say those things to someones interpatation of a song. No matter what it is everyone will have a different idea of something. So next time you want to say something try to consider what they might have gotten out of it,thank you. i love this song so much by the way no words can descirbe it.rock on

Remembering the past and loved ones | Reviewer: Ryan | 7/1/07

wow... like honestly avenged is a awesome bad but this song is by far the best its sad but its remacible last year one of my realy good friends , Brynn died and this is like reminding me all about it its great but horible

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Natz | 6/28/07

i absolutely love this song, the lyrics are amazing && fit perfectly with the song! i love synyster gates' guitar solo!

Great song | Reviewer: Hannah | 6/27/07

This is one of A7X's greatest songs. If you've ever heard them sing this life M.Shadow's will say something along the lines of "This song is about taking the one you love, and holding them close because tomorrow might not be there." It's about seizing the moments you have with the people you love and hoping like hell it stays that way.

bb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

every song has a different meaning to everyone, as does this,but I don't think anymore can argue about the main point they were trying to get across with this song. SEIZE THE DAY. am i wrong?

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