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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Enjoy the moment | Reviewer: Eduar | 8/9/08

this songs is one of my favorites from avenged really speaks to me from loosing a not even born child to loosing the one girl that I taugt was real though I don't regret anything I just wished I would enjoyed the company more love this song

great lyrics | Reviewer: jess | 8/4/08

i love this song. this song has alot of meanin to it. dont take stuff for granted n cherish what u have cuz ull regret it when its gone. i have lost things n ppl in my life that i regret losin. this song ROCKS!!

sad | Reviewer: wayne | 7/9/08

man this song is so depressing, but its the best song ever. i loved this girl and she felt the same way for a period of time but she left my life by moving to another country and now i just listen to this and regret how i acted when we were together

wut it means | Reviewer: Bryan | 6/30/08

this song just pretty much means to cherish wut u have and enjoy it and not take anything for granted because u wont miss it till its gone. i regrett so many things and i really wish i would have cherished them more :(

I love hiiiiim | Reviewer: Taina~ | 6/23/08

I remember when he first showed me this song, I loved it~ But I never really read the lyrics until now and everything this song says relates to the way I feel about him =)
After I finished reading it, I thought to myself "Wow... I really do love him." He continues to amaze me everyday and I know his love is as pure as mine.

"I'll do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done
We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you"
"I beg don't leave me" I'll never let him go because what we have *is* real, no matter how far away he is from me <3


this song rocks! | Reviewer: clemente | 6/19/08

this song is one of the best I've heared, I really love this band and this song, I will play it on my musica band! this is really incredible song and band! the lyrics , voices and solo and the deep meaning of the song and so on are really incredible I love a7x!!

sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/08

This reminds me of my uncle who died 6 years ago, I never really got to know him cause I was only 6 years old when he died, I barely remember anything I came home from school one day and my parents told me what happened I didnt really understand it, I was only 6 and I dont remember any time I spent with him

R.I.P Colby

This song is ... | Reviewer: Christina | 4/11/08

very touching to me.

I have had a lot of F*ucked up sh*t happen to me in my life.
I know many people that went to jail and i am close friends with them still.
My one friend looks just like M. Shadows and he just went to jail for something he didnt do. I was listening to this and it hit me ... he is out now and he isnt going back but when i hear this song it still makes me want to cry because he is like my best friend and i dont want to see him go away like that again and i fear that he will.

I was talking to this guy for a year and half. Over that time period we fell in love. He was crazy over me and i was crazy over him, he worked and his work would move him alot. He was on his way home a drunk driver hit him. He died. I was crushed and thats another reason why this song touches me.
I still love him til this day and i know he is watching over me.
but i always Seize the memories i have with both these people.
They are my life!
I love you Tom and Adam!
R.i.p Adam (my love)
Its hard to say goodbye

fantastic voice, lyrics, song... | Reviewer: katarina | 4/9/08

i really, really, really adore this one moment i thought i could feel the pain just for a secund... i can't explain this kindle with this singer and with this song... this is fantastic band...
Salute from Montenegro!!! :)

all too late | Reviewer: James | 3/31/08

iv always loved this song but it wasnt until i lost the girl of my dreams that it became so painful to listen to. Fighting bipolar and schizophrenia tore both of our lives apart and she up and left. Listen to the song and use it to understand just how painful it is to lose those that are close to you..

This makes me sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/08

It makes me sad and to respond to "mickeys" response not many people have that special person to hold (me) and that wat makes me like this song more and more because it just gives me support to just seize it

us | Reviewer: sara | 3/18/08

my bf played this song when i was at his house. i didnt think much of it cuz we were kissing and i was rly listening to the music. like a week later i realized i liked how the song went but i only know a few a7x songs so i decided to look up the lyrics. when i read these lyrics i had to call him and tell him how much i love him because he chose his playlist the day i was planning to come over. he told me that he was so glad to have me and i feel exactly the same =]

seize the day | Reviewer: mickey | 3/15/08

this song is all about holding onto to those who you hold close. one day they wont be there, and if you don't tell them what you should you might regret it cause it'll be to late. everyone should live life to the fullest and live everyday like it's their last. no one should ever go to bed mad and angry cause in the end it doesn't really matter. i for one don't regret much if anything. i don't hold grudges shit happens and i move on. those who are ment to be in your life will stay no matter what. i tell my friends and family how much i care about them in so many ways. cause i've lost a few of both friends and family to death, and i my self almost died.. i've been given a second chance so i seize every day to the best of my ability!!

right now this song reminds me of my bf who has been a very good friend of mine for 4 years and is currently living in the other end of the country for a bit. i miss him so much and can't wait to hold him again. in this case i seized the day, i asked him out before he left i've told him time and again i care about him alot. i have pictures of him and video's of us together drinking and having fun. thats all the things i need to get through untill he comes back. my bed is cold and lonely with out him there but it's a void that he'll fill in again soon enough. miss ya babe!!

Sweet! | Reviewer: Nova | 2/29/08

My father died 6 years ago when i was 13...i didnt seize the days when he was alive...i keep blaming myself since that day when suddenly my world become up side down..
This song fit me perfect.It tells how much Guilty I am...


sad | Reviewer: berni | 2/24/08

my boyfriends best mate died in a car accident at the age of 15, this song was played at his funeral. this guy was the sweetest most caring guy you will ever meet and now my bf cant listen to this beautiful song completly without crying.

R.I.P shayne-
died 11th march 2007

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