Reviews for Seize The Day Lyrics

Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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R.I.P The Rev | Reviewer: sammieh | 4/5/10

rip the rev he will me be missed and never forgotten he has made me be the drummer i am today the whole band inspired me "seize the day" and "gunslinger" are my tow fave songs cuz they remind e of billy my boi friend well peace we LOVE u REVā™„

R.I.P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

matthew shadows the lead singer said in kerrang! that the rev was his best freind. its really sad that he died and he was only 28. he was one of the best drummers ever and i agree with nicole some of the lyrics on this song are fitting for a tribute to the rev. R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan. ):

sick song | Reviewer: Alexander Bravo | 4/1/10

I can't stop listening to this song. Avenged Sevenfold is hands down, the kick ass band i've ever listen to. The song is insanely meaningful and i get goosebumps during the chorus.

you'll be missed and in our hearts foREVer

A7x | Reviewer: Tazzy | 2/25/10

This is one of the best songs ever the emotion and just the way Matt sings it makes it awesome. This band is one of the best bands around but they're real under-rated. Green day ain't all that good and they get praised more than Avenged does.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/10

i agree, stop bein idiots and criticizing every person who actually loves this song!! dont even know why your on here if you dont like it. But still i cant figure out how its a tribute to the rev when it was written ages ago... but anyways, brilliant song, deeply meaningful. R.I.P Jimmy

I love it. | Reviewer: Jenna | 2/14/10

I honestly can't say how much I love this song. I know a billion people have said it all ready but just how much emotion that M. Shadow's puts into the song is awesome, and you can really feel what the lyrics mean.
Its a from the heart kinda song and I love it.

A7X <3

A7X | Reviewer: Tazzy | 2/2/10

Seize the day is one of the most touching and emotional songs ever. The video and lyrics go so well together and Matt's voice just makes it all the more better. Amazing song, Amazing band!!!
R.I.P REV XxX <3

Ruben and Frank are idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/10

maybe you should actually comment on the song like your supposed to do and stop using your miserable lives to critisize other people. Why don't you get eachothers myspaces or whatever you guys do while you masurbate and make fun of eachother for the rest of your pathetic meaningless exsistences.

And with that said this is an amazing song.
R.I.P The Rev

Novie is an idiot... | Reviewer: Ruben | 1/16/10

The stupid person with the Novie handle needs to die...spell right, you dumbass. Most likely a field who jizzes herself every time A7X comes up on her ipod. As don't be overdramatic, "my lips freeze!!11". And all you dumb fucks need to stop the "omg this song was written for the rev he will be sorely missed rip rip rip" shit. Yes, he's dead and will be missed, but don't broadcast your stupidity to the public by expressing your fanboy fantasies, nobody cares.

made me cries . . | Reviewer: novie | 1/11/10

I can't say anything about it,my lip is b'come freeze if i remind this most goOd ever soNg of a7x_

n aLso i'm so saD cz the news about "thE rEV" that has paSsed away n left us 4ever _
we'LL missing u aLways . . ! !

Nicole = Moron | Reviewer: Frank N Beans | 1/11/10

"But girl, what if there is no eternal life?"

"Don't wanna die alone without you here
Please tell me what we have is real"

Yes Nicole, this is the perfect sentiment for The Rev, idiot.

While I am sure they loved the Rev and we all miss him, I doubt he was the love of his life that he sings about here.

R.I.P | Reviewer: Nicole | 12/30/09

This is by far one of the best songs they did, and it becomes alot more...I don't want to say fitting, but it's a nice little tribute almost to one of the greatest drummers ever Jimmy 'the rev' Sullivan. R.I.P, you'll be sorely missed

Nikki | Reviewer: Nikki | 12/3/09

My Moms Friend for over *30 years died in a car wreck and at the funeral this song was blaring in the parking lot. She felt bad because she was suppose to be with her frind that day but instead she blew her off for a guy.. When she heard this song she new it told the story of her friends life and now everytime she hears this song she can she remember her friend. It still hard for her to hear it but the song has a good message that i think everyone should hear.

LUV THIS SONG!!!!! :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

This is by far one of the greatest songs in history!!!! It is so powerful and emotional. The lyrics and vocals mix together in perfect harmony for a devastatingly enjoyable song. Ultimate kudos to A7X!!!!! X)

aaaaaaw I LOVE SEIZE THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mafia | 9/22/09

this song its the best song ever......i saw the video clip made me cry nearly....but the lyrics are soooo heart touching....this song was on headbanges ball on mtv one night nd i recorded it...and i listen to this song over agin over again before i go to school i just cant stop listenin to this song its amazing......i love the lyrics after the guitar solo sooo gawjuz.....I LVOE SEIZE THE DAY AND AVENGED SEVENFOLD.....xoxoxoxo

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