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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Je Deteste | Reviewer: Anonyme | 4/1/14

I detest the thoughts that this is about rape or murder the song is simply about sex animal mechanical natural undaunted sex there's nothing more to it and if you think it's about something more that's your opinion and I'll defend to the death your right to speak it but you're a moron who needs to read and listen the songs by A7X in a different light based on the other songs that they have written and another thing the word is SINS not SENSE this is just a fact of life the first 4 albums all related to Christianity and the Book of the Revelations in specifics therefore the logic of all of you so-called Sevenfold fans is flawed

Another reveiw of the reveiws for this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/13

This song's focus is non-definitive. Maybe the songwriter had a specific focus, but it is not confirmed in-song that the topic is murder OR rape. This song is highly interpretive. For instance, here is an interpretation featuring neither rape or murder:

Caught up in this madness too blind to see
Woke animal feelings in me
Took over my sense and I lost control
I'll taste your blood tonight

We know from this first set that the character finds himself driven by instinct to do an activity requiring one other person. Perhaps you think it a stretch, but viewing the mention of “tasting blood” as a metaphorical message of dominance isn’t that much farther out there then the fact he isn’t literally blind and that his feelings don’t sleep. Also, biting, cutting, bleeding, and burning are not totally foreign to the bedroom, so we don’t know if this is murder, rape, or just sex yet.
You know I make you wanna scream
You know I make you wanna run from me baby
but now it's too late you've wasted all your time

From this chorus, all we know is that there is some level of rejection of the current events, but “baby” did not run before, and either cannot or will not run now.

Relax while you're closing your eyes to me
So warm as I'm setting you free
With your arms by your side there's no struggling
Pleasure's all mine this time
“Pleasure’s all mine” would tell me that only he was getting off, except that it is a common phrase, one that basically exists for politeness and one that is said in response to a “thank you”.

Cherishing, those feelings pleasuring
Cover me, unwanted clemency
Scream till there's silence
Scream while there's life left, vanishing
Scream from the pleasure unmask your desire
He does not want his clemency, but he is getting it anyway. This means he is being forgiven for something he did which he would rather not be forgiven for. He prefers punishment and self-hate at this time. The rest of it is an instructional call. According to him; you, him, and the person he is doing the activity with, should hold onto the good feelings in life as you slip into death and you should not go quietly. You may be dying fast and you may just be dying of age like everyone else on the planet, but the fact remains that you are dying and that there is a gaping void of nothing for you to fill with noise, until you find yourself unable to scream, of course.

We've all had a time where we've lost control
We've all had our time to grow
I'm hoping I'm wrong but I know I'm right
I'll hunt again one night
Here, he is saying that the experience of losing control like he did is common. Now, while he still MIGHT be a murderer or a rapist, at this particular point he is referring to something which triggered instincts in YOU, and as such the meaning of this paragraph is slightly different for everyone. He hopes he is wrong because he sees his experience as something either shameful or regrettable and he knows it will happen again.
Some live repressing their instinctive feelings
Protest the way we're built don't point the blame on me
He is saying he did nothing wrong and that you are like him.

Scream, Scream, Scream the way you would
if I ravaged your body
Scream, Scream, Scream the way you would
if I ravaged your mind
“ravaged” is a word with multiple definitions that are valid at the moment.

this madness,this madness,this madness,this madness,weve lost control,lost control,this madness,this madness,this madness,ill hunt again one night, this madness,this madness,this madness,ill hunt again one night
He knows now that his instinct holds power over him and that there is nothing he can do about it no matter what he wants or thinks.

Having said all that, the topic of this song is “whatever it is that you feel in yourself but repress due to shame or fear”.
So, yeah, how about that people who thought it was a rape/murder song?

This is bull shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/13

I love this band also and really loved this song until I read lyrics. It disturbs me that some act like oh ok murder that's ok that's so much better than rape. WTF come on. This is all bs and if you ever had someone you love be raped or murdered by a human turn animal you might feel diff. U can justify lyrics all u want I understand I want to also but truth is it really is a sick thing to Rock out to

It's Probably Rape | Reviewer: Best A7X Song | 5/27/12

"If you're horny enough to think it's about rape then i wont stop you from letting your sick minds from rattling through your think skulls"

This made me laugh. Hard. Because being addicted to hunting and murdering others is soooo much LESS sick than rape? Actually I think rape (in addition to murder) is a more likely possibility. "Scream from the pleasure unmask your desire" suggests rape. Most, but definitely not all, rapists think rape is wrong, but they rationalize their own actions, so that it's not "rape". Most believe that the person they're raping is unwilling at first, but that they'll start to like it later, which makes it consensual, and thus morally acceptable, i.e. "unwanted clemency". Few people like to think of themselves as being "the sleazy bad guy"-archetype. Most people have a self-bias, where they rationalize, romanticise, or plain gloss over their flaws. Joseph Mengele, likely one of the evilest men of the modern age, is a great example of this. That fits very closely with this line. The victim might be screaming because it's unwanted at first, but the rapist believes that's he's pleasuring her, but her later screams will be from pleasure, she just needs to "unmask her desire" because she secretly likes it. Whatever M. Shadow say it's about is meaningless. How do you think people would react if they admitted it was about rape? This is North America: we can glorify killing endlessly without consequence, but they would get a lot of hate if they were accused of glorifying rape. So you can't rule out self-serving motivations, especially in such a commercialized band.

song meaning | Reviewer: Peter | 2/12/12

I think it's about a guy whose gf cheated on him because he never made a move on her, so then he became furious: "woke animal feelings in me," raped her, killed her because of how she liked being raped: "scream from the pleasure unmask your desire," and vows to do it again sometime to some1 else because of how good it felt to express himself.

Uhhhh | Reviewer: Synyster Gates is soooo sexy :3 | 1/2/12

This song is about a guy addicted to killing. Just cuz the word pleasure is in it doesn't make it sexual. If you're horny enough to think it's about rape then i wont stop you from letting your sick minds from rattling through your think skulls

Well.... | Reviewer: DearGodforyou | 12/11/11

I think this song is about sex or rape. It sounds like someone is talking about how he raped someone and how hunts for his victums. It could be about someone raping someone and then killing them... Rip Jimmy I miss you soo much, we all do miss you. <3

Song meaning | Reviewer: Dustin | 10/2/11

I saw them last night and they played this...but before when Shadows was talking to the crowd he said, "a song basically about a dude killing a chick."

For so long I thought it was about like, rape or something. Turns out I was fairly far off. Thank you Shadows for clearing it up.

Ooooooh ;P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

He is a masochist in the song. He can no longer contain it and possibly takes it too far. But he doesn't care if she's into it (he of course thinks she is but is repressing), he's going to do what he wants. Sex, rape, murder... It's probably all the above. Awesome song anyway. ;)

My View | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/11

This song is about the main character finding pleasure in killing but not wanting to do it anymore. Like an a addiction he can't get rid of. All you really need to read is the chorus to realize this. The verses suggest sexuality in the killing but I don't think they were intended to. In the chorus it says:
"Cherishing, those feelings pleasuring
Cover me, unwanted clemency"
Clemency is basically relief. Relief from suppressing his addiction. Then:
"Scream till there's silence
Scream while there's life left, vanishing"
Explaining the woman dying. (kinda obvious)
"Scream from the pleasure, unmask your desire
I think this third scream is the killer. This is explaining his desire to kill and how his actions are self-destructive (perishing)
So to sum up my opinion: It's about a man who's addicted to killing people and wants to break the addiction but doesn't think he ever will.

Me my self | Reviewer: DragonStar | 8/27/11

I always thought this song was about how; a killer was trying to stop the cravings of wanting to kill but not being able to do so and there for just giving into the feelings. Knowing now that he has done it there is no way that he can stop from doing it again in the future even though he wishes that he could stop. You can tell that he is talking about murder due to the fact that he says scream while there's life left. If it was about rape, I wouldn't be able to see him using that line. Rape or not rape, life is always left, wither it's shatter and broken or not. I love the song and listen to it after a bad day at work with a Cheshire smirk on my face.

This song is definately about Rape | Reviewer: Brando Commando | 7/15/11

He states the pleasure's all mine this time. It's not about killing or kinky sex. It's definately about the pleasure of rape. Many people don't realize this, but a girl who has been raped in the past is a little more well guarded in relationships. Sometimes they are even less guarded because they hate themselve and blame themselves. Like the quote: Scream scream scream the way I would if I ravaged your mind!

This song isn't about sex! | Reviewer: Glyn-dawg | 7/1/11

This was the first A7X song i listened to and i loved it. But everyone keeps saying that its about rape, which it isn't! M. Shadows said that the song was about the pleasure of killing, not about sex. Anyways, I love it! R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, We hope you are happy in the woods becoming a knife master with your army of stallion ducks. <3

foREVerandalways | Reviewer: Lilly | 5/31/11

I've been a huge a7x fan for 6 years now and to me this song is about crazy sex and how humans are like animals. "Some live repressing their instinctive feelings protest the way we're built don't point the blame on me" like how if someone wanted to try something crazy and didnt because there too focused on what the human thing to do is. and we were built to be animals, survival of the fittest and shit like that were established now and have countries, government and communities but deep down were all animals ready to fuck shit up lol. if you think im wrong ok cool but thats what the song means to me.

kinky | Reviewer: JoJo | 5/15/11

I dont think its so much about rape as it is about kinky sex. If youve ever had a partner that likes to be tied up, or if you like it yourself, youll know what im talking about. Theres a very strange sense of power that comes from that kind of play.

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