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THEY KICK ASS | Reviewer: Nikki | 11/7/06

A7X is the best band EVER. M. Shadows ROCks and they are are really HOT!!!! City Of Evil is deffinately the best just because it rocks!!!!

great band | Reviewer: zbell | 8/1/06

All their albums kick ass! but I can't say that cuz i dont have waking the fallen. the others kick ass, city of evil is definitely the best cuz there's no stupid screaming; sounding the seventh trumpet is still good! those double bass drums blow me away! Rock on!

great | Reviewer: zbell | 8/1/06

City of evil is great, i'm glad A7X stopped doing that screaming shit, Sounding the seventh trumpet is good anyways even though there is screaming, I want waking the fallen, I hear its good. A7X kix ass!!!

A7X r the best!! | Reviewer: Ahsas | 7/23/06

A7X is jus the best...thost amazing guitar leads n the vocals by M.Shadows...theres just no way to find something better than that...all the songs have got amazing lyrics.. they r all jus too good.. n the way they've been composed is incredible jus wana say A7X kicks assss!!!

shut the f*ck up | Reviewer: WTF do u care??!! | 7/23/06

AX7 are the best freakin band i ever heard!!!!! so what if they're chrisian or metal or i dunno what!!!! it doesn't even matter so those who don't like AX7 may please SHUT THE F*UCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for understanding

A7X Kicks Ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/06

Avenged Sevenfold rocks- bottom line. The guitar parts on all their cd's are incredible and so are the lyrics. Very good band. I saw them in Cleveland 06 and they were awesome! rock on!

A7X | Reviewer: lalalala | 6/4/06

THey r so aweosme. The guitar solos and everything and their city of evil cd rox ass

a7x rocks!!!! | Reviewer: Leah | 5/12/06

I love Avenged Sevenfold their definetly the best metal band out there . They're all cool guys . I am addicted to them i'm obsessed . Anyways if you don't like a7x get the fuck out and stop talking shit i'm tired of people bad mouthing them.

Not a Christian Band--Not a Satanic band. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/06

Lead singer speaks: "Anyone that read the lyrics and really knew anything about us, they would know we're not promoting either," he said. "That's one thing about this band that I love is that we never really shove any kind of, like, political or religious beliefs on people. We just, the music's there to entertain and maybe thought-provoking on both sides, but we don't try to, like, really shove anything down anyone's throat. There's too many bands that do that nowadays, I think."

A7X..... | Reviewer: Crystal | 4/20/06

rocks they are amazing with their awesome guitar solos,serenading vocals and everything else rocks as well. even them in person! they are great people who love to have fun just as much as almost everyone else they arent no damn christian band and they dont suck. no one care to hear you opinion if it is against avenged sevenfold so dont bother to come in here and say they suck and try to tell us that they are something their not cuz all your going to do is piss a bunch of people off and make an ass out of yourself in a band appriciation board not a diss post

A7X ROCKS!! | Reviewer: Hayley | 4/13/06

I love them there the best freaken metal band!! if you dont like them you have serious problems!
I like waking the fallen the best! my favorite song is desecrate throught reverance.

shut the fuck up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/06

dont fucking come on here if you don`t like a7x, cause nobody asked for your input. They are honestly the greatest band on our planet at this point. They sound like nothing else out there, they have their own sound and its fucking amazing and i love them and so does alot of people worldwide. k bye.

am i de only one? | Reviewer: oscar | 4/11/06

damn i'm only 13 years old and i'm already addicted to something. avenged sevenfold. they're the best metal band ever, so wathever, they talk about the end of the worl and that stuff it doesn't matter to me, i think they kick ass. even though i don't like some of their songs like warmness on yhe soul i still think they rock. city of evil is the best album i've ever heard. i think i am the only kid in Puerto Rico that has ever heard of avenged sevenfold. my favorite songs are sidewinder, remenissions, the wicked end and beast and the harlot. i really wish that all does that don't think that a7x is not a metal band would stop writting here cuase they suck

dude. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/06

When I was little, I'm almost sure I dreamed up Avenged Sevenfold. Seriously, the band is purely a manifestation of what I used to dream about. The guitaring... I swear I've heard it before. With the harmonies and perfect drum solos I could only imagine, and now, here they are, in Avenged Sevenfold. Also, I've always been a fan of flamenco music, guitarists like Carlos Santana especially... so when I heard Avenged Sevenfold break into flamenco at the end of Sidewinder, well, I think I almost died and went to heaven. I have never heard of anything, nor will I hear anything in my future, something so perfectly awesome as this band. And seriously, I don't care if they're Christian, Metal, or whatever else you call them... they only fit one label in my book: PERFECT.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/06

they're a christian band, not metal. they suck. if you don't believe me, check the book of revelations and yell at the person who told you they were metal.

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