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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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A7X Kicks Ass | Reviewer: Lucky | 7/19/07

Avenged Sevenfold is a band with great potential they are my idols and their music is my soudtrack if they stop making music then i stop living their music keeps me alive

=) | Reviewer: John | 7/18/07

This song gives me chills. Thats the thing about A7X...their songs give me chills, thats when I truly know that a band is doing something.

Avenged SevenFold is the Future---- | Reviewer: Cody Cook | 7/11/07

Like i said these guys are the future there music captivates me with every song this song is no diffrent its one of my all time favs.....

completly agree | Reviewer: domenic totera | 4/11/07

ok guys heres the thing.. the reason a7x doesnt scream ne more is cause matt wanted to take the band in a different direction caus he felt the genre thy were in was dying...and his vocal cords were since the surgery they have since then recoverd.Ive Been lisening to avenged sevnfold since i was about 12 i am now 15
I have mad respect for these guys cause what they can do with thier instruments is un-f***ing-beliveable.syn can shred like nothing(to end the rapture). the rev can rock that bouble bass(beast and the harlot.Zacky is amazing with his harmonic solos( bat country) and jhonny christ is my idol on the bass(the wicked end)
and matt.Never thought id say this bout a guys voice but once i heard the song warmness on the soul(Sounding The Seventh Trumpet) i was hooked.And with his amazing scream(well when he used to) i was hooked...i fall asleep lisening to these guys.a7x runs in my bloodstream.


love them | Reviewer: Vale | 3/1/07

This song is amazing.
avenged sevenfold is my fav band since 2005. I listen to them like an hour every day, and i never get tired of them. I agree with everything kevin and john said, this song is just a perfect combination . The same about their three cd's, even though the last one (city of evil) is a lot different from the previous ones, but it still has the a7x esence. I hope they make their next album more like "waking the fallen" , because its just a masterpiece.
They are so fucking talented. LOVE THEM :)

--sorry if i wrote something wrong,i speak spanish , but i tried to make it understandable :)

My fav band too | Reviewer: John Quan | 2/16/07

I agree with every word the previous reviewer said. A7X is beyond amazing, they have talent beyond most bands that exist today, and yet they get little to no attention on MTV or anywhere. It's wrong. This song is incredible, and overall every song on Waking the Fallen is simply amazing. Somehow this song reminds me of Darkness Surrounding from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, but I dont know why... lol
It's really good though. I've literally listened to every song on the album over 300 times, it captivates me every time. Any time I'm on a long bus ride or long walk, I have the entire album on my iPod and listen to it all the way through. It makes those long periods of time feel like minutes, its so good.

Rock on | Reviewer: Kevin | 11/21/04

Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band. I've liked them for a solid year and I'm not backing down either. Remenissions is a nice mixture of that evil-sound that I love and the fight song I like to listen to. They are unique and their lyrics are moving.

Just something: I never had got a CD that I liked evry song on the Album until I got Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the Fallen. I listen to it at least 3 times a day!

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