sad but its a real nightmare | Reviewer: chanboy | 9/21/13

allass......what a socking things.I have been a fan of this band a7x and obviously it is my favourite band also it will be ever.So....sad to loss one member of the band The Rev Jimmy Sullivam.....the real nightmare and love the song written by him The Fiction.........

Best Album of the Year hands down | Reviewer: sitar joe | 10/11/11

This album is a great production. The musical conventions are more progressive than any other band of the same genre at this time. They have all the vocal harmony, kick ass drumming and blazing guitar work of any great supergroup. The vocals are fantastic. The album has all the conventions of classic rock, hard core, metal and blues. This band defies limitations of style. This album is a strong indicator of thier futer SUPERGROUP status in the universe. They have proven they are not fly by night and they dont trend,They dont seem to give a fuck about convincing anyone of their greatness. They just kick it out.
Of course with the passing of their bandmate Rev, brought a hugely humanitarian vibe into this record.The "feeling" is off the charts.
I am a 50 year old music teacher from californi with music credentials ou the ass. I have tried to find the weak and contrived sections of this music, and I cant find any. I can find "fake" in almost every record of the past 5 years, and this one is ABSOLUTLY FOR REAL. You boys are great.
See you in SF.

A7X | Reviewer: A7X=Amazing! | 2/1/11

It sucks that they had lost such an awesome drummer..... They shouldn't be pissed at God as much as what they should for the abuse that he put upon himself. You can definitely tell that they have hatred inside of themselves now compared to the other albums they had made.

Sad but True | Reviewer: Diniveka | 8/31/10

I love this album, and to me it is one of their most heartfelt albums. It's sad that such a tragedy had to happen to people who have already dealt with so much. One thing I'd like to point out with some sadness is that in all of their previous albums, there has been some mention to God, or a Bible reference. In this album, nothing. Instead, there is a song named God Hates Us. Makes you realise how bad this has hit them all.

Love to the band and their families xx

Amazing | Reviewer: Jessie | 8/17/10

I have been an avid Avenged Sevenfold fan for years now and I know all of their albums and this one is the best of them. The lyrics are so true and full of feeling. The guitar riffs and base lines are just pure energy. They did an amazing job on this album. <3 Avenged