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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Great Song | Reviewer: hensley | 4/16/10

Im in Iraq right now, I have always liked this song, but now that I am here it has a whole new meaning to me. Another great song I like is Gunslinger. It talks abot being away and I can relate to the song. To all my brothers and sisters in arms keep up the good work, keep your head down and stay safe.

Outro ect. | Reviewer: GhostlyShadows13 | 4/12/10

Right. So obviously this is about war. I've read the reviews and I love the song. A7X have written this really well and must know someone who has been in the war and the song is a tribute to all those who have been killed in action or have gone missing.

The outro of the song: "Don't forget that I was so young and I fought so scared" was basically saying that the soldiers were either killed or they were Missing in action (MIA: the song's name) and they want to be remembered by friends and family.

I support the military for doing what they do.
RIP Jimmy Sullivian

great | Reviewer: Nick RIP rev | 1/15/10

this song is sooo good! i cant stop listening to it, and the lyrics thats some powerful stuff, they come up with the best music, and they right about god and stuff... this song should be played everywhere its soo freaking good.... RIP rev you'll be miss

Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

having served in the military for seven years, i can tell u almost exactly what the message is. People fight for their beliefs, each side swearing on their gods that they are doing the righteous thing. The reality is that these wars are waged by the rich, and it's the poor middle class that's sent to fight. We get the proper training to survive certain situations and scenarios, but what really happens is usually far from expected. people get rattled, make mistakes. Or, they get all gun-ho and think they can fight everyone. these people almost always die. The ones that survive, either hate themselves soo much later on, they get all these problems like PTSD. Others revel in the fact that they could take a life and become crazy. ALL OF THEM! even if they don't show it. But it's the ones who hate themselves that suffer the most. On either side. Human nature is to survive. this does not mean that all humans are meant to be fighters.

Bottom line. Soldiers are nothing more than legal murderers, and most go in to do something good for their country. The realization is a much darker reality, and people should realize that these men aren't heroes for for doing what they do. They merely survived. But at a very heavy price

No Thought Of Me | Reviewer: Taylor | 11/10/09

Okay, so obviously this song is about war. People choose sides- what they think is good VS bad. But this song shows that everyone is a life, not just a person. Brave people fight for their country but they're murderers- not heroes. And they know that. This is the soldier's side. This is the part that people ignore; the regret of killing, the risk of not returning. It's all very devastating.
And instead of calling each other names and expressing your personal opinions on god only knows, we'd all appreciate if you haters would just put what you think this song is about. No bashing others' ideas. This is an amazing song by an amazing band with AN AMAZING MESSAGE. And guess what, SONG REVIEWS ARE ABOUT THE MESSAGE. Crazy, isn't it? Review the song here: not your thoughts on each other. Please and thank you.

ahah kids ;D | Reviewer: whatever | 10/23/09

NO GUYS THIS ISNT a song we all have to post whatever we think of in here ahahah yea americans went to iraq to "free" them thats what press says and its freagin rediculous how u stupid fucks cant listen a song and cuz of ur low intelligence the only thing u can do is cursing each other about the mass destro weapons omf get a life get a chick hf AVENGED RULEZZ

REVIEW THE SONG | Reviewer: Sypher | 10/22/09

People. Review the song. It's Avenged Sevenfold man. What the fuck are you guys talking about gays for? Listen to the song. Like it or you don't. That's about it. Get your head straight people. Those who are talking about who is gay and who is not. Go somewhere else. This is a song review. Did you read before you posted your comment?

"The area is only for review, if you want to submit the lyrics or the corrections of the lyrics, please click the link at the end of the lyrics."

So please. Song review. Take gay arguments somewhere else.

And btw. This is an awesome song.

nonsense | Reviewer: Miles Parker | 10/12/09

nope. not gay. and no, i won't call you any names. i'm not going to sink to your level. i never said anything bad about gays, just that i wasn't one. i put down the definition b/c mr. anonymous seemed to think that i was gay. i don't need to convince myself. i'm straight, i got a girlfriend. i'm attracted to her. i hold strong to my morals and beliefs. sorry if you don't believe me. nothing else i can do to prove it i guess. and as for your incessant rambling, it really didn't make much sense. i was named miles parker because that's what my parents decided to name me. nothing stupid like what you mentioned. everyone's entitled to free speech, so if other people and i feel like discussing the war, then let us.

Shut the fuck up peoples | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

It just a song you suposed to say if you liked it or not and move on with your lives. You don't need to write a fucking speech. On and to the anonymous with all the name calling your hilarious," so choke on that cock miles Parker ." funny as fuck. Oh and miles Parker are you sure your not gay and just haven't come out of the closet cause it seems like you are trying to convince your self your not gay when you had to put the defintion of heteorsexual . It's ok if you are go head open that closet door wide for everyone to see that you gay close the great BOB knows that your name is miles Parker did your parents name you that cause you were miles away from the hospital and was born in the parking lot oh and I'm a chick in case you wanted to pick out cute names for me like cunt also I'm straight with a great gaydar (like radar for you idiots) but I will fuck a hot chick I have no problem with sexualy experimenting and say what you will about me I tell you what true or not it just proves that I'm right when you fight hey I rhymed

how dare you | Reviewer: Miles Parker | 10/4/09

Before you go biting the hand that feeds you, let me assure you that while those things mentioned below are not WMDs, they are lethal and destructive. DonnieBox may have been wrong about what they are categorized in, but he made his point loud and clear, which was the fact that there are destructive weapons in Iraq, and our soldiers are being killed by them. Don't you dare insult another soldier like that. And let me remind you that he DOES have a life, and he's putting it on the line for his country and the freedom of others.

are you fuckin serious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

Really? --- Suicide bombers, EFPs, EKGs, RPGs and IEDs... All are WMDs. They have been using all of these in the middle east for years, and yes, this does include Iraq. So for you ignorant anti-war fucks, shut up. You're really only making yourselves look like assholes.
Im pretty fuckin sure that rpgs and suicide bombings AREN'T MASS DESTRUCTION you stupid prick. wow you probably dont know a fucking thing about what your talking about and jesus christ its just a fucking song. you really have no life do you?

soldiers | Reviewer: stewie | 8/24/09

Before I truly knew a member of the armed forces I had what I thought was a huge amount of respect for the men and women of the Armed Forces. My new roommate was a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan for 4 years and I now see the pain and agony the war has brought to him. As he sits up awake at night his mind replays over and over the dozens of human lives he's been forced to take. He spent the prime years of his life doing what he thought was right in defending a needing nations freedom and protecting ours and all he has to show for it is a tiny USMC paycheck and ailing mental health. I never have had the courage to do what he's done even though I wish I could. Even if you're shy and don't usually do things like this, when veterans day rolls around thank one because more likely than not they have seen and done things that you cannot possibly fathom having to see or do. For all of the men and women of the Armed Forces who've served in Iraq or Afghanistan or any war, I want you to know that even though we may never meet I am one of the millions who support you and wish that more people would.

several ways | Reviewer: xNUM1KILLAx | 8/18/09

there are several ways you can take the line "Nobody tells me all the reasons we're here. I have my weapons so there's nothing to fear." one is what the original guy said (Another day, another life, but nothing real to show for)

i take is more as a soldiers point of view of he may not know all the facts and may not be able to find all of them but he has his guna and that means he can firght for his people and so thats what he does. or maybe again soldiers point of view (from a current civi) he is told to fight so that is what hes doing as long as the people telling him what to do believe in it.

o | Reviewer: levy | 8/18/09

lol I thought this is talking about china cuz he said 2 million soldiers can't be wrong lol anyways I think everything is just gonna end with nukes and it will be soon because of iran and it might nuke Israel then Israel wil nuke them back. then the US will back up Israel and Russia will back up iran and bam WWIII

LOL. wow.... that was ridiculous. | Reviewer: Miles Parker | 8/13/09

Please then Mr. Anonymous, enlighten us on what I (and everyone else that commented) was wrong about. And before you go criticizing me about my facts, let me assure you that you can look these facts up. You can ask a soldier about what goes on and how the natives feel. You can look up in news archives about what kind of things were going on under the Hussien dictatorship. Also, you can look up the weapons of mass destruction that we DID find in Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction include four kinds: nuclear, biological, radiological and chemical. We've found over 500 chemical weapons in Iraq since 2003. And weapons weren't the only reason for going to war. The three reasons, stated by Bush to Tony Blair, were "to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people." There's no need to get angry. There's no need for the insults. I was just stating what I know. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? By the way, in case your wondering, I didn't choke. I'm a heterosexual. That means I like girls, so there was nothing in my mouth to begin with.

And to Rocky234, i understand how you feel about America dying, but bringing the troops home isn't going to fix the problems here. The CBO projected that the war would cost us 9 billion dollars per month to maintain. That sounds like a lot, but I'm more worried about what Obama has done and will do to our national debt. I'll agree that I would like the troops back too. I even agree that there's a better way to conduct operations in Iraq. I think a couple teams of special forces might be able to do the job once it settles down a little more (only if the media is quiet about it). But the fact remains that we need to finish what we started. If we don't, terrorism will spread far and wide, and eventually, they will come to attack us. I know it may sound like I'm willing to put a soldiers life on the line for me, but I too am willing to sacrifice. Soldiers know the price, and they are willing to pay it. Whether it be an officer or an enlisted, air force or marine, army or navy, they ALL make sacrifices, some more than others. God Bless the Military.

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