XxKeireston_KillingxX | Reviewer: Jocilyn | 8/21/09

I absolutely LOVE A7X!! my boyfriend got me into them and they are all we listen to. In November I lost my bestfriend to suicide. She stabbed herself in the head. Only a week and a half later I lost my second best friend Naomi the same way.. then in April I lost my best friend Errick who hung himself. then in June my friend Trinity hung herself. It's so easy to relate to this song. I almost never cry over songs but I cry alot when I listen to them. Also the words of his suicide letter were really close to Sam's words. I miss and love all of my 6 friends who are forever gone. Rip: Samantha Naomi Errick T.J. Trinity and Micheal.

Re:i CAN sEE jUST fINE wITH yOU in MY life | Reviewer: Matt | 7/29/09

thats the same it is with me going everywhere with my ipod or my psp and then my dad always bitches at me cuz of it but w/e music fuckin rocks and A7X are for sure the best their lyrics actually have meanings to them unlike these other mainstream bands and IWSYT 1 and 2 are absouletly the most touching of they're songs then seize the day

Brilliant | Reviewer: Yeah I agree | 6/28/09

These two songs are absolutely fantastic.. Part one is most likely the best song I've heard in my life.. I love how A7X can blend such meaning into their lyrics as well as make it sound musically fantastic.. I started listening to them about two years ago, and have been listening to them nonstop since then.. I don't know man.. The first part always brings goosebumps to me, especially the part when he screams "CRY ALONE I'VE GONE AWAY". I don't think they do music just for the money, I think they do it out of their hearts as well.. I swear lol, Shadows = Best vocalist I've heard, Gates and Vengeance = Great guitair partners, Rev = best drummer I've heard, and Christ.. Well.. Dunno about him:P

I hate it when people say that bands like "Bullet for My Valentine" or "Atreyu" are better than A7X, because first of all BMV's vocalist is a total piece of shit as well as the fact that the band's songs are part of the emo fad people listen to nowadays and Atreyu's songs don't even sound half as brilliant as A7X's (No offense to any Atreyu fans out there).

Like I said.. Amazing band. Btw the person who wanted to see this song live.. It's on youtube, it sounds almost like the album version, as do almost every one of their songs they play live.. A7X FOR LIFE:D

I Wont See You Tonight | Reviewer: Stefano | 6/14/09

The two songs I won't see you tonight part 1 and 2 are awesome. They are really touching. However, the band member they were written about never committed suicide. He had bipolar disorder and the first part of the song is suppose to represent the calm, sorrow side of bipolar disorder and includes Justin Meacham's suicide note. The second song is about why Justin should not have made the suicide attempt. The two songs mean a lot to me because i know people who have committed suicide and these two songs helped me let go.

a7x always | Reviewer: TRAVIS..202 | 5/23/09

I first started listening to city of evil just thinking that they were just another band but then really started listening to their lyrics and got hooked. Then they came out with their self-titled album in 07 I didn’t like that and I stopped listening to them. But when they came out with diamonds in the rough I bought it and was f*cking amazed with their show and unreleased songs so I bought waking the fallen now I am hooked for LIFE. I listen to them EVERYDAY 80% of the music I listen to is a7x. I think that the have a TON of talent in lyrics, image and attitude……

aaron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/09

im 13 but been headbanging to a7x since i was 7 . gotta love thum, especially this song. the greatest parts are seeing the twisted road and the solo. but if anyone can find out why there songs are always about something bad let me know. Like eternal rest is about people that torture there kids and the kids run away come back and kill them. TWISTED!!! a7x fo life!

i CAN sEE jUST fINE wITH yOU in MY life | Reviewer: Stephanie | 2/9/09

Songs like this are hard to find if you all havent noticed Avenged Sevenfold have mastered the whole writing thing i have never heard any song from them (live or not)that i dont like... This song means alot to me.. it sounds crazy but it does and im not explaining...MANY PEOPLE ARE STUCK IN THE PAST! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE! i mean yea bon jovi and pink floyd where good but come on people change and so has this earth just like music so suck it up and deal with it...people just dont understand... i know i do and im proud of it i listen to a7x ALL THE TIME...if you have a problem with music just dont listen to it k? okay then.. i live off music tho...i dont watch tv unless its FUSE and i dont leave the house or my room without my ipod im a normal music hungry 15 year old teen...and if you have a problem with me or whatever get over youself and find a real proplem ok

love it | Reviewer: dazzel | 7/19/08

I love this song it's very toutching because part one of this song is part of the note that his best friend rote before cometing suicide and part two shows how mad and frustrated he is with what his friend has done.
It's simply amazing.

Awesome | Reviewer: Nick | 6/28/08

Part 1 is absolutely the best song that I have ever heard (of course that is hard to say based on all of the great A7X songs out there) but both parts are amazing and in the lines : I can see just fine... that chromatic sequence is vocally the sexiest thing I have ever heard it gives me chills every time i listen to it

this is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/08

Yeah i love this song because i have had some...problems and yeah you get the point because if i died i couldnt think what they would do without me THIS BAND AND **ATREYU** are my favorite there really great

amazing song | Reviewer: brian | 11/23/07

this is definitely one of their best songs. ive never seen it live tho. not even on youtube. if anyone has a live video of this please dont hesitate to send me a link. thanks

A7X FUCKING ROCKS | Reviewer: A7x fan | 11/14/07

This song is so deep, just like every A7X song, there the best, and im sorry i didn't go to there concert when they were in Vegas, and hope they come back soon, THERE FUCKING AWESOME

very helpful | Reviewer: Christ's Synyster Plague of Shadowed Vengeance | 10/18/07

i find this song helpful in taking away the pain that Warmness On The Soul causes me...
WOTS is one of A7X's better songs even though its slow, but every time i listen to it, i get suicidal...so then i have to listen to this to get the effect of what my friends and family would do w/o me, and i couldnt bear w/ myself if i let my family and friends suffer that much.


F*cking Awesome | Reviewer: Kyle_Katarn | 9/21/07

I love this song (both parts). If I ever stop loving music as great as this, I want someone to shoot me.

My Favorite Band | Reviewer: ALEN SMITH | 9/17/07

I was turned on Evenged SEVENFOLD By my tennage son playing there songs.Being a person who is over 50 years old I have never lived in the past.
Music is always changing for the better in my opion.
The two songs that stand out are seize thr day,and i want see you tonight,The band beside pink folyd is one of the best,They have it all
going for them ,lyrics ,talent ,what a waste they like pink floyd never will get the honor they deserve,to long of sonds foe the wussie radio statins to play, Funny I let my older sisters listen to these songs and they loved them and wanted to no why no bodys playing there songs
I posted on the stlouis today forum on a furum about bands and could not beleive all the negetive responses about the band ,idiots stuck in the 60s i would guess.One gut even told me there lyrics suck.
I have a extenteve back ground in music ,been playng since ten mostly piano ,write my on music
people here a song i have been working on and changing for years and think its a work of art.
sorry for such a long post ,i hate to see band that do get the respect they truly deserve