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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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nice | Reviewer: gelarheyn | 6/15/13

i don't know how to tell about this..
the meaning sound deep enough for me....
that remind me some one that i loved....
that waiting for so long :')) and dont know where she is now...

he gave me | Reviewer: hedayah | 2/17/13

i love this so much because my bf, Syafiq Suib gave this song to me. he said that our story is same as this song.he will be sailing some next month. i trust that you, " It don't matter when I'm coming home to you." i'll be waiting for you my dear. i swear that i love you always and forever. please stay w/me. iloveyou :'))btw he makes me madly in love with A7X. :') thanks A7X ! :)

wow!!A7X | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/12

I realy love hardrock but when I started to listen to this one it help to understand how it is pleasent a different type of rock,and this song left me with my heart full of emotional feelings that I never felt before,it's amazing to feel this sensation ,I can listen to this song till my last drop of my tears:-)

awesome | Reviewer: snow | 10/27/11

since i hear them for da first time i remember bun it down i knew that i will love all their songs. A7X i would like you to know dat u r always deep in my heart and u always will be there. Keep goin you are goin great.

with love snow

figgins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/11

deff love this song i was over seas and this deff holds some real strong feelings in the words they capture exactly how every man and women in the us military feels thanks you for doin this song A7X on behalf of the united states army

what a great song!!!! | Reviewer: aniit | 12/2/09

i really love this song since the first time i heard it. The lyrics has really deep meaning for me.
I love A7X, their songs are great!!!!! I didn't really like them at first but then i really addicted to them.

awsome song | Reviewer: f'n rocks! | 10/26/07

this song freakin rocks and i keep listenin to it over and over again.. love it!

A7X Forever!

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