Ahhh-Mazziiinnggg! | Reviewer: Maddie:) | 4/12/11

I always..Always knew that that pompous ass bullshit spreadin round about Mat not being able to scream was juss people talking to hear their own voices...HA! But really, this song really reminds me of Waking the fallen Album, And Sounding the Seventh Trumpet almbum! I love mat, and a7x for that matter, weather or not they scream or not,...but personally me and my brother love the screaming! (: And if you say you havent heard Sounding the 7th trumpet and Waking the fallen. I encourage you too!!! Avenged for life! <3 <3 Love you guys! Btw.. Keep up with all the change..I think you make more fans, and keep all your fans interested! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty n Great s0ng! | Reviewer: Diamond McAllison Haner | 1/15/11

Shadz's vocal style is truely l0ok like Phil anselm0's, n of c0urse syn's guitar style like my dad's, Rip. Diamond/ Dimebag Darrell! I think its wh0le of pantera's style! But this fuckin'great! G0od j0b b0yz... L0ve th!S s0ng s0 much!

sorry guys | Reviewer: tyler | 9/19/10

Ey sry to say this but thts not a true scream thts 3 different recordings of M. shadows put in 1 but a7x is the best and yea i was dissapointed wen i heard this but its true an it sux but it still is like the best song iv ever heard!!

wow. Just wow | Reviewer: cypher | 8/2/10

yet another surprise from A7X.

Perhaps this is because I never heard any songs from Waking The Fallen & Sounding The 7th Trumpet, but this is the first time I've heard M Shadows growl & scream in 1 song.

And my opinion is:

This song is fucking amazing. Nuff said.

wicked song | Reviewer: cole | 8/6/10

awsum song,reminds me off the gud old a7x:-)to all those ppl who said matt cant scream anymore i beg u to listen 2 this song so u can see how wrong u where haha..gud job a7x u did a awsum job on ur new album,the rev would b proud.

Very powerfull song! | Reviewer: Kas | 8/9/10

This is a VERY strong and powerfull song by a VERY good band, on a VERY emotionally album, because of the late Jimmy 'rev' Sullivan. I have to admit Mike Portnoy is a VERY good drummer, but the rev was and will always be THE drummer of avenged sevenfold en NO ONE can change that. Rock on!

good song! | Reviewer: sam | 8/2/10

I think this is a kick ass song! It is definitly one of my favorite songs of Avenged Sevenfold's new album...
Still, I don't know why but this song kinda reminds me to Pantera, specially the singing 'cause it seems a lot like Phil Anselmo's style...