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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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fiction | Reviewer: bloodyvicious | 1/4/14

those are words to say goodbye, that lyric was a letter he left to his friends saying, the last words he will ever said and it's so sad to listen to this song and even read the lyrics put yourself to cry, knowing this was a goodbye.

you p*$#y | Reviewer: alyssa fucking murphy! | 6/12/12

you can tell that dude was a PUSSY!!! when he said that cause he didnt write his name cause he knew if he did he'd get his ass kicked for. you fucking ass wipe i hope you get hit by a bus right infront of your loved ones and have your blood splater all over there crying boodies as they weep over your dead courpes. then youll know the pain the band families and fans went threw when he died

Lost words | Reviewer: Linkz | 3/3/12

Fiction is the best evr, it got very powerful words,awesome beat and catchy duet parts.. It truely is Jimmy's pride,a masterpiece "just a spoonful of Jimmy could change the word" Rip The rev..u inspired me to b a drummer and u will be my hero..hope u'll be watching me when i have my own concert..too all anonymous of the rev, FUCK OFF and Rot in misery.. ROCK ON A7X fans \m/^^\m/

amit | Reviewer: amit kr. Basumatary | 2/26/12

its very heart touching song.each and every song of a7x is very inspiring and one in this whole world can beat them.Their songs cast somekind of spell...spell to peps up.their songs got moral conscience. Man iam totally overwhelmed by their songs,voice,the way they play instruments..they are the complete package.Jimmy was a great writter, singer, drummer and a great person. A7x forever...

Jimmy <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

Oh man these lyrics are actually the best that Jimmy has wrote. I've been a fan of Avenged since 2002.. Heard every song they've done.. You know, I used to think So Far Away touched me.. But to think it's this song is bone chilling his last masterpiece! I will foREVer, hold on to this song. Avenged fans alike we all miss Jimmy, he wrote the most beautiful songs, that we could ask for.. He gave us everything he got, we loved him for it. He needs to be in hall of fame. R.I.P our fallen brother we will find our own way without you.. Eventually untill that day.. It hurts knowing you're going but it makes us smile to know you are now with each Avenged fan. Smiling down with that crazy mother fucking smile! FoREVer... P.s- Anonymous who disrespects Jimmy.. FUCK YOU.

Tribute | Reviewer: Eric | 11/20/11

Dear brother, jimmy. I hav always bn ur fren. I like ur skills f, singng n drum. It's a hard thing, n u cud do it fluently. I likd ur band , bcoz f u.. U inspird me, n now i m live. Hear my sngs, when, i mke a band

R.I.P my friend | Reviewer: Brandon 3Tearzz | 10/26/11

Jimmy i love you til this day youre my inspiration to play drums since i heard sounding the seventh trumpet i love you and it hurts to know youre gone but your spirit lives in all of us R.I.P my friend

No Words | Reviewer: Marcos | 10/18/11

This song is one my favorite not metal A7X's song but since you hear that piano intro you feel something different, something that just an avenged genious could make. Each time i hear this song i take my harmonica and start playing along. A beautiful song...

For Jimmy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

Jimmy You Were My Inspiration To Play Drums And To Sing Since 03 I Loved You Guys And Now That Your Gone Me And All Avenged Sevenfold Fans Are Hurt But This Song Is The Most Beautiful Writing Ive Ever Heard We Miss You Jimmy And We'll See Ya Soon
Rest In Piece foREVer 1981-2009 :(

13/09/2011 | Reviewer: Felyta | 9/14/11

I do not think if Jimmy wrote this song. if I may ask, is all the dreams that mean anything? if there is I want to know what my dream was that I met Jimmy in my dreams after the departure of Jimmy. I was very surprised for what happened when I was new sevenfoldism not exist a year, a similar thing also happened to my brother who just became sevenfoldism approximately one month ago

Absolutly Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

I absolutly love this song. The first time I heard it, I was just learning about a7x (I'm a huge fan now) and I didnt know much about its roots. But now that I know, it just makes the song all the more powerful. I know how to play piano, so I immediately learned how to play Jimmy's masterpiece. Jimmy was an amazing drummer, and of what I know, an amazing person. He is who made me decide to get into drumming. RIP Jimmy.

Heart Breaking | Reviewer: derioyn | 7/21/11

This was one of the hardest songs I've ever had to listen to, Not because it was bad in fact the exact opposite. its hard o listen to because i know that i will never hear a beat from the best drummer of the generation . This song always brings me to tears, the masterpiece is truly one of the most amazing songs Ive ever heard.I also know if you were still with us this song would not mean as much to me. you will Forever be missed Rev. By the way to u the anonymous i hope you die for your disrespect. the rev was the modle of the perfect human in the fact he wasn't perfect

Dear Jimmy | Reviewer: brittany | 7/11/11

Dear jimmy your an amazing drummer. and you inspire me each and everyday. your the greatest man you will forever be missed by a great world population and to all you fuckers who hate you have no life and no sympathy for shit. Two words FUCK YOU. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it and most are jealous bastards just because you cant play the drums like him shut your fucking face and get some skill. REST IN PEACE jimmy.<3

this song | Reviewer: JAW | 6/20/11

to that anonamous fuck (idk how to spell it) He had heart problems and dropped dead so go Fuck your self. The Rev has a really good voice and singing whille druming is hard. so to you you oversized cunt... Fuck You and to the Rev, Rest in peace my brother. this is definitly in my top 5

Top 5 A7X song | Reviewer: Bryan Edgerton | 5/20/11

This song is so powerful. The fact that it is Jimmy's last song just makes it that much more powerful. He was an inspiration to many, including myself ( I'm gonna start an A7X tribute band.). To all those who say he was a coward, or he killed himself, I have but 2 words for you. FUCK YOU!!! That being said, the world could learn a thing or 2 from A7X. A story of perserverence through the loss of a bandmate, friend, and brother. We feel the pain, because, I like to think, we all have grown to love the members of A7X. We all lost someone that fateful December 28th in 2009. Sleep well, Rev. You earned it. foREVer

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