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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Takes getting used to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/08

Huge fan of Waking the Fallen and City of Evil. I love their more melodic songs, but their screaming songs are a lot better than many of the screaming bands out there. I don't what it is about it, but his screaming is so awesome, and also how it changes from singing to screaming; it's like getting the best of both sides. Awesome band. This song is alright, not my favorite, but I still appreciate the music and the lyrics to this song.

\m/ | Reviewer: Nigel | 1/13/08

LOL i just read the most ridiculous shit ever: "This song is terrible...any other A7X song is sweet"

Buddy this song and Second Heartbeat IS Matt at his greatest in terms of screaming...if you only listen to the lyrical parts in A7X songs and shun the screams then u might as well just go listen to some other poser crap like Good Charlotte or something...

amazing | Reviewer: jordan | 1/10/08

all these people keep saying "o i cant understand it they suck" well its cuz ur retarted and dont understand screaming when u listen 2 it. if u listen its actually a pretty great song

great | Reviewer: percy | 1/8/08

this is possibly the best ever song by them. either this or eternal rest. m shadows has a great voice for screaming. he should do still do it... although the new stuff is great too.

don't buy this song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

holy crap this song is terrible! can't understang a freakin word they're saying!! even when reading the lyrics it's hard to follow along because it sounds so bad! Or atleast until the "smell the burning embers" line and other than that this song is just annoying... Any other A7X song is sweet.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

I love how this song begins, just blows up with so much energy. Every time I hear it I want to just get up an mosh!

I FUCKING LOVE IT | Reviewer: max | 6/7/07

this is one of the greatest songs ever by probably the greatest band ever!!!

Avenged sevenfold = wicca religion is proud | Reviewer: _cupcake <3iloveyoukilljoy | 5/14/07

Wickedest song ive heard since 11 ;) lol i just gatta mosh ta this one

Waa | Reviewer: ma1ice2you | 4/17/07

I love the guitar in this song.
First I didn't like the 'singing' but now I f---ing love this song.

Great Shit. | Reviewer: Dorian | 10/20/05

This is Hardcore at its greatest. Heavy, very moshable, and at time, ver melodic. Hell Ya!

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