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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Eh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

I do enjoy this song, but to the person who claimed they were badass, not really. They are possibly one of the silliest looking groups ever.

Wikid | Reviewer: Ken | 8/9/07

This song rocks!!!!!
I love it
1 of their best songs.
And the whole album ROCKS!!!!

awesome song by A7X | Reviewer: scarydude | 6/27/07

This. Song. Is. Freaking. Crazy!

A freakin' awesome song with insane drums and wild guitars...a7x rox!

holy shitt. | Reviewer: jacobie | 6/17/07

dude, this song is so fuckin wickedd. probly the best song on their album. avenged sevenfold rock the fuck on :) <33 burn it down kicks so much ass. dudeee.

fucking awsome! | Reviewer: honi | 5/30/07

dude this song is so kickass!!i fucking love a7x they are so badass!!!!!!!

A7x is my fukin liife <3 | Reviewer: Ollie | 5/29/07

omg i fukin LOVE this soong!!!
its one of the best a7x has written, and avenged sevenfold is like the best band in the ufkin world! so this song fukin ROCKS

fricking awesome | Reviewer: me | 4/9/07

This song its the least great in the album and it still kicks ass city of evil is so amazing

FRICKIN AWESOME! | Reviewer: Crazed Metalhead | 3/30/07

Burn it Down is one of the best frickin songs EVER!!!!!! a7x RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

radtastic | Reviewer: [T.7.S Envey] | 3/5/07

man i fucking love the song so bloddy much it is so fucking rad wooo hooo i love a7x they rule the world lolol

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